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One of the most important symbol and representation of an individual’s personality is their hair. Your hairstyle is a very strong statement about you and is the most important factor to enhance your looks.

So here are 5 hairstyles you could do to make yourself look better than you do now and probably impress ‘that’ girl at college or the cute neighbour.

  • Straight Shag

(Source: Pinterest)

A perfect hairdo for Indians, clearly proved by Shahid Kapoor’s cute look in the picture, which literally gets your girlfriend or spouse to abandon even their most important work and drool over him. This haircut involves long hair in the front, embracing your forehead and medium layers falling over the back.

  • Natural Wave Ponytail

(Source: filmfare)

The classic ponytail with the simple natural hair is ‘the’ hairstyle which will definitely bring out your masculine side. The above picture depicts one of the best avatars of three of the most desirable men of Bollywood- King Khan, Ranveer Singh and Ramcharan. Their looks have ‘sexy’ written all over their ponies.

  • The Long Wavy Mop

(Source: vikihow.com)

In the case of hair, trust me, size does matter(pun intended). Not to perpetuate stereotypes, but long hair is seriously badass. Only tough guys are the ones who can wear this urban look and can carry it with style. Plus, this one is seriously irresistible. The Greek God himself says that.

  • The Buzz Cut

(Source: GQ India)

This hairstyle goes well with anything and everything – age, attire and face cut. Moreover, this hairstyle can be maintained without using those expensive hair products which are a complete rip-off. A perfect hairstyle for people on a low budget and students. Now you can look hot without spending those bucks.

  • The Pompadour

(Source: Pinterest)

The Greek God makes his appearance again but this time with the classic 80’s pompadour. This picture has sexy punched all over it, as if it was clicked to just give orgasms to the viewers. To get this look, puff your hair with an hairdryer, style them with some hair wax and hold the look with some hairspray.

Guys go for any of the above five hairstyles which suits your face and trust me you’ll not be disappointed. Happy styling!

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