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Body heat is heat produced by the body due to metabolic and physical activities. It is also referred to as “Heat Stress”, a common health problem caused by exposure to high temperatures. It occurs when the body temperature rises more than the normal range of temperature, between ‎36.5–37.5 °C (97.7–99.5 °F). It sometimes is also caused by the food we consume.

Therefore, here are 7 ways to keep your body temperature under control:

1) Milk and Honey


(Source: www.forhealthylifestyle.com)

Consuming a tablespoon of honey mixed with cold milk can tame the soaring temperatures of your inner self. Though milk and Honey are heating agents individually,  when mixed together, they are simply the ‘cool dudes’. It is also an age-old “ayurvedic” recipe to keep you healthy and increasing inner body strength. Rich in various vitamins and miners, this is one recipe you just cannot go wrong with.

2) Sandalwood


(Source: Astrogle)

Wonder why our ancestors and people of history loved sandalwood so much? It is the same reason for which it finds mention on this list. And Guess what, our ancestors were right, sandalwood is one of the substances with extensive cooling effect. Apart from cooling, sandalwood also adds a glow to your skin a leaves behind a soothing effect. You can apply sandalwood to your directly by making a paste our of it’s powder or mix it with “multani mitti”, another skin enhancer, for best results. Oh! and not to forget, sandalwood also leaves behind a beautiful fragrance on your body.

3) Cucumber


(Source: Huffington Post)

Cucumber is said to be one of the most effective cooling foods. In fact, cucumber, which has a high level of water content, has a lasting effect on your body. It cools down your body temperature by releasing anti-toxins and other substances which does not allow the heat to stay trapped inside  the body, and guess what, cucumber contains zero fats, allowing you to coll your body without the fear of increasing weight while consuming food!

4) Pomegranate juice


(Source: Medical News today)

Pomegranate juice with a spoon of almond oil is gonna be your favorite recipe to keep those temperatures under control. Apart from preventing inflammation throughout the body, it also helps reduce oxidative stress in the body. Pomegranate, which is also rich in iron which helps keep your hemoglobin levels in check. All in all, this makes for a healthy yet tasty option.

5) Tender Coconut Water


(Source: Livestrong.com)

Consumption of cold water is an excellent way to control your body temperature; same is the case with tender coconut water, considering it’s water based properties. Coconut water is tasty, can give birth to yummy ice cream and it’s electrolyte composition is an excellent aggregator to reduce body heat. And you know what’s the best part, it’s easily available and is best served right by the road!

6) Pudina/Mint Leaves


(Source: Easy Ayurveda)

Pudina or Mint has a perennial cooling effect on the body. It is something that can be added to any  drink such as juices or tea. Or it can also be had as a Indian favorite ‘pudine ki chutney’. What’s even better is the fact that it also works amazingly as a mouth freshener. Just take a few leaves, chew them while you work and forget about it, while keeping a check on your body temperature and smelling fresh every time you speak!

7) Water


(Source: Medical Today)

Note that most of the items in the list have water content in them. This is because water is naturally a cooling substance. It is the cheapest, widely available and simply the best available option to us. Let’s talk about a few other benefits, water helps increase body metabolism, it helps reduce fake hunger keeping your body weight under check and it also replenishes your skin while keeping it hydrated. It has been rightly said that every human should consume minimum 8 glasses of water everyday.


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