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Winter is just around the corner and it’s time for our colors to hibernate. Not just ladies but men too find it hard to keep themselves warm and not look boring at the same time.  Yes, woolen clothes do look dull sometimes, but with the right tricks to pairing them and choosing the colors wisely, can save you from being average.

Duffle coats


(Source: The Idle Man)

Duffle coat is classic in design and can often be mistaken with coat types that are inspired from it.  But once you get hold of a true duffle coat, the real struggle comes with its fit. It shouldn’t be too baggy or too tight at the seams. If you are wearing some extra layers below the duffle, make sure it can accommodate them and not make you look hefty. Wear your duffle with a plaid scarf or over your shirt or even t-shirt; you can pair it with all your casual wears and still look smart and ready for those casual get-together. Whether it is a navy duffle coat or camel-coloured one or with a hood attached, whether you button it up or not, a duffle coat is something you should own this winter.

V- Necked sweaters


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A v-necked sweater is something that is quite catchy and can make you look younger if you know how to wear it. It is dynamic in terms of colors and occasions, where you can flaunt it. If you want a sharp look, opt for a single-colored one. Argyle is a good alternative to the plain colors, but can easily become too loud if you don’t choose the colors and patterns wisely. So stick to solid colors for standing out as unique and not odd. Let your light shaded shirt pop out of the v-collar, accessorize with a bow-tie or a simple neck tie and voila!


Trench coats


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Developed during the First WW, the trench coat has come a long way and now is a staple jacket for both men and women. But it is tricky to style it properly. Usually available in light earthly colors, this waterproof jacket is something that every men’s wardrobe should house. If you want that formal look, then team it up with a formal shirt of any color or wear it over your suit. Make it a bit casual by keeping the top buttons or all of them undone, giving a view of what’s underneath. The best pants that go with it are a sleek pair of formal trousers. To keep it less formal yet classy, team it up with a pair of denim pants.

Denim jackets


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Who doesn’t love a denim jacket? This is one type of jacket that can go with literally anything. Whether you wear it over your formal shirt to loosen the formality, or wear it over your favorite fandom t-shirt, or the checked shirt from summer, it can never fail to give an edge to your attire. Whether you are wearing a pair of baggy or harem pants or going sleek in those black denim pants or throwing a bit of argyle, pairing it with some eye-catchy pair of shoes can give the extra tweak, you are sure to create an impressive look with that denim jacket on.

On this note—

Warm clothes do not necessarily mean dull colors. They are often available in the bright hues too. The colors should not be too loud like the bright shades of red or too subtle like gray. Black is quite mainstream but it is something that can go with any other color. And so does white. Apart from the monochromes, it is also suggestible to go for the cheerful colors like soothing shades of yellow, green or any other pastel color. Throwing in too many colors is again a no-no. Simple, sleek and smart, that’s the mantra.

Winter is here. Are you ready?




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