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India is a fascinating conglomeration of various colors. While from the outside you can only see so much, here’s me telling you about a few places you might have never heard of but will still be caught up with by the stories they have to tell. While some will arouse your curiosity, some will make you angry and then there will be some that make you proud. There are lots and lots of places that have stories to tell but for now, I present to you the following five!

Kodihni Village, Kerela

Kodihni is a remote village in the Malappuram district of Kerela. It rose to fame when in 2016 a story came out about a place with an astonishingly high twinning rate, in a country with a very low twinning rate. In the village with a population of about 2000, it is certainly marvelous that there are 400 pairs of twins. This has attracted many researchers, even international ones, to this sleepy town of Kodihni, where they attempted to solve this puzzle. While many believe it’s genetic, some believe it might be environmental. However, as of yet, there are only speculations.

Mawsynram, Meghalaya

Located in East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, Mawsynram is reportedly the wettest place in the face of the Earth. With 11,861 mm of rain every year, with the highest being 26,000 mm in 1985, it has secured it’s place in the Guinness Book of World Records. This claim however is being challenged by Lloro and Lopez De Micay, both in Colombia.¬†Mawsynram is one place in India where you can actually touch and feel the clouds. Sometimes it rains continuously for 9 days, yet, somehow the locals manage to live their life like people of any other place.

Mattur Village, Karnataka

Mattur, also known as Mathur, is a tiny village in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. The village came into limelight for being a Sanskrit speaking village, in a age where Sanskrit is rarely ever used to converse in. Children here are taught Vedas once they turn 10. However, this hasn’t stopped then from catching up with modernity. You can see people in jeans and t-shirts, riding a bike, holding a mobile phone and talking to each other in the ancient language of Sanskrit. Another amazing thing is that almost every family in this village has an IT professional, clearly showing that speaking an almost dead language hasn’t hampered their education.

Auroville, Southern India

Auroville is a utopian township in the making, situated in the southern region of India, covering bits of Tamil Nadu and bits of Puducherry. It was established way back in the 1960s, with the idea of people from all over the world being able to live here in harmony. Matrimandir is it’s prime attraction, which is a peace center and an amphitheatere with the Urn of Human Unity, which contains soil from 121 nations and 23 states of India. Auroville is internationally recognized as an experiment in human unity in diversity.

Foreigners only beaches, Puducherry

The pristine coastal city of Puducherry is dotted with several ‘Foreigners Only’ beaches. These beaches are often attached to a resort which owns it. These resorts attract a huge influx of tourists every year, which they mainly credit to the ”Foreigners only” concept. While this is an attempt to provide better safety to the tourists of other countries, many have criticized it on the grounds of racial discrimination.

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