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Have you been getting less sleep and gaining more weight? Feel like this has been your life since forever? Well don’t you worry, because you are not alone. Ever looked at those glamorous celebs and wondered, how in God’s name, they are so in shape? It seems like your question has been answered. Keep reading to find out how some celebs tackled their extra calories and get inspired to lose some of yours too.


Parineeti_coverLike any of us, this Punjabi kudi used to be a big foodie with Pizza being her first love. And unlike most actors, she was open about her being conscious of her body weight in the past. In the want of a fit and hot body, Parineeti began her endeavours to look good for the screen. Her exercise regime consisted of jogging, meditation, yoga, and some activities like horse riding, swimming etc.

HER SOMETHING DIFFERENT: In one of her interviews, Parineeti mentioned about taking up Kerala martial arts called Kalaripayattu as she didn’t like going to regular gyms. She also signed up for a detox programme in Austria and worked hard to get a toned figure.


211-e1513923595266.jpgThis Bollywood Fashionista went under vigorous workout sessions to look like what she does now. She credits her mom for most of her weight loss and her determination. She lost 35kgs in two months and her workouts mostly consisted of cardio, dance exercises, swimming, and playing squash. But even after getting in shape, this diva did not leave her workout routine.

HER SPECIAL SOMETHING: She did power yoga and artistic yoga with Bharat Thakur, and got trained in Kathak to get into shape.


Adnan-Sami-Weight-Loss-Diet-And-Workout-Without-SurgeryThe once “Sultan of music” went from 230 kg to 75 kg in 16 months. It was after he got hit by sleep apnea that he realised the dangers of being an obese. And so his health regime started. He consulted a nutritionist to start a proper diet plan and only after losing 40kgs, he started his workout sessions.

HIS MANTRA: Sheer determination, apart from initial dieting and gradual exercising, was his key to success. Without doubt he is the “biggest weight loss story” in the Bollywood industry.


bhumi-pednekar-then-and-now_52a414af89a6cd481709e9bff9de8b81This Dum Laga ke Haisha actress left everyone stunned after her transformation from fat to fit and sensuous. She lost about 27 kgs of weight in a few months without even consulting a nutritionist. She organised a natural and planned diet with the help of her mother without depriving herself of her favourite food.

HER EXTRAS: She believes in having more of a mind-set of being physically active than losing weight. Also being active since childhood, she indulged in various kinds of exercises to remain fit.



Salman’s “Rajjo”, before making her debut in Dabangg used to weigh 90 kg. This gorgeous actress got into shape by a combination of proper diet and vigorous exercises which included cardio exercises, cycling, power yoga, swimming etc.

HER SECRET REGIME: Patience is the key, according to this diva. “Don’t expect results overnight. It took you months or years to pile on the kilos, what makes you think it will be gone in a few days?,” says Sonakshi.



This heartthrob from Ishaqzaade used to be on the heavier side before making a debut in Bollywood Industry. He used to weigh 140 kgs and had lost immense weight ever since his first movie by combining healthy food with cardio and weights, bajra ki roti and Crossfit regime to burn extra calories.

HIS LITTLE EXTRA:  He reckons, “Determination goes a long way in weight loss because there really isn’t any quick fix”.

The stories of these celebs have been jaw- dropping and inspiring all the same. It wouldn’t be tentative to point out that most of the methods used by them are not out of common reach and certainly not something out of the ordinary. One can always endorse these regimes in their daily life.

If they can do it, so can you. So here’s to hoping that this bit of information will stimulate you and get you up and running. As Adnan said, “Weight loss is 70 percent psychological and 30 percent physiological.”

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