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That annoying moment when your girlfriend or girl friends say that guys shouldn’t take much time to dress and that a guy’s wardrobe choices are minimal! It is so not true and so anti-feminist! We know that for a guy, all shades of a colour get generalised as one, so red doesn’t get divided into maroon, mauve, vermilion etc. But that  doesn’t mean choosing clothes for themselves is as simple as generalisation of colours. And when it comes to dates, believe you me, they panic way more than girls.

The biggest issue is, unlike girls, they don’t have much variety in clothes. Bottoms would include trousers, pants, three-quarters or halves and uppers would be include either shirts or t-shirts. But if seen from a positive point of view, it should actually be pretty simple for a guy to get the right outfit everytime. But, no.

The headache is what  should you wear to look appealing to the girl sitting in front of you?  Honestly speaking, it is really hard to read a girl. Predicting what a girl likes to see a man wearing is like leaping into a black hole of diverse opinions. Some like to see their guys way too casual, others get turned on by folded sleeves!

The magic word is: combination. Whether it is the clothes you have squeezed yourself into or the colours you need to match; combine, combine and just combine. Not all combos look attractive. You don’t want to cosplay a strawberry on your first date with a deep green shirt and black-dotted red half-pants, do you?

When you combine your uppers and bottoms, the biggest aim should be what makes you feel somewhat comfortable. Yes, you might adore your blue Hawaiin shirt that you have been wearing for the last two weeks. But, dare not wear that to your first date. Chances are that the girl would either die of the fragrance or mock at your dirtied clothes. Try to find the combination that comes at least seven stages near to your normal comfort level. You might ask: why not till your highest level of comfort? Well, your highest level of comfort might not suit the eye of the beholder, in this case, the lady or the guy (gender equality!) And believe it or not, it is somewhat the duty of the guy to put a bit more effort to please the individual sitting across them. You stay adamant, you lose your date. Pretty simple!

The way you dress is also how you are addressed. If you want to stand out from all her (or his) random dates, you need to make a statement with your dressing. Be crisp, sharp but subtle.

So all said and done, a few suggestions to try on:



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It is crisp and smart. White shirts have somehow always caught the attention of girls. And of course folded sleeves. The look here is somewhat the no-nonsense yet friendly guy-next-door-ish. With a good pair of shoes and on-fleek tidied hair, you would be taken quite seriously.  Note that when you wear any shirt, make sure it is not oversized for you. rolling your sleeves up has also certain do’s and don’t’s. If you shirt is way too big, the rolled sleeves would not be able to accentuate your hands. Again, avoid rolling the sleeves too much above your elbow. You would rather wear a half-shirt in that case, wouldn’t you?


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And the ripped jeans, of course. Often regarded as something that only jocks wear, ripped jeans can be a pretty cool choice if you want to keep the date casual and light-hearted yet convey the message clearly that you are interested. With a striped shirt and a jacket or a blazer, this is one of the best outfits for the day-time dates.


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A rule about formals in first date is: wear them ONLY when it is during the evenings or in some high-ended place. Again, adding a tie will make it way too official which can make a lady feel odd. Formals have always attracted women of all ages. They portray a man as independent, firm and someone who can take a stand. And that’s what catches a woman’s attention. So flaunt the formals correctly.



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We cannot deny the importance of casuals. Dates in the day time or across a bar or maybe in the park, all demand for casuals. If you want to seem friendly and want your date to open up more, casuals help you look warm and empathic.

So be warm, alluring and bold on your first date and let your attire do more than impress!

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