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Men love shoes! It might seem that women are pro in fashion trends, but want to see the true passion for trend-setting, ask men about their shoe collection. It might be wrong to generalize this, but most men do have the zest to adorn their feet with the best looking and most comforting footwears. But not all shoes go with all kind of occasions.

Of course, opinions about brands and styles can be subjective, strong and really different. But not all types fit in all places. Here is a list of about 10 pairs of shoes that all men should have in their closet.

Chukka Boots:


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In my opinion, this type is bipolar. They look both formal and casual depending on the context. Chukka boots are comfortable and sharp for those business meets but you can also wear them if you want to hit a happy hour in the bar. And definitely, they are amazing for dates. Pair it with jeans or formals and you will be slaying just the same.



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It is definitely for those who feel lazy to tie their laces. Loafers are adored for their semi-formality that can save you from being ambushed by your boss for not maintaining dress-code. And because it is semi-formal, you can wear it to all your get-togethers. The types of loafers can range from ones that are studded to the ones that are plain leather.



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They are my personal favourite because they make walking so easy!They are comfortable, casual and easy to put on (minus the task of tying them), just the type you need when you have to run to the grocery store or when you are getting late for college. Remember, they are not meant for running tracks, but for comfort. But that doesn’t mean you have to tend them all the time. They can sneak in anywhere!

Flip Flops:


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Aah. Summer days. When all your shoes become your sworn enemies ready to give your feet blisters as soon as you put them one. No worries, flip-flops to the rescue! It will not just give your feet some air to breathe, but they are the ones you wear if you want to get in and out of the water.

Gym Sneakers:


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It might feel that there is no need to add this one to the list. But that’s the exact reason why it needs to be. You see, they are not normal sneakers. They are exclusively meant for you to work and sweat out. Keeping a pair of these is enough to motivate to get a grip on your lifestyle and stop that pot-belly from peeking out.

Black dress boots:


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It will be a sin if I don’t include these on the list. The typical James Bond-ish pair of shoes, black dress boots are what every formal occasion and formal attire needs. They not only accentuate the manliness but the sexy no-nonsense policy, as well as your classy demeanor, get magnified. These type of shoes are the “bare necessities of life”.

It is not that your shoes need to be branded all the time. Sometimes, thrift-shopping can show you wonders without burning a hole in your pockets. Plus what matters more is the comfort level. Not all types of sneakers will fit the shape of your feet. As for the designs of shoes, that is completely subjective. You want to wear glittery shoes? Then go ahead. You want all colourful? Amazing! This topic definitely depends on your choice and no one should dictate that to you!

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