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After NH10 and Phillauri, Clean Slate Films, the brainchild of Anushka Sharma Kohli and her brother Karnesh Sharma, is ready to take on the horror genre in Bollywood. Judging by the popularity it has garnered, Pari will be one of the most sought-after horror movie in the coming days. It is no fairytale, and the teaser itself was evidence of it. But Anushka isn’t done with giving us the chills.

One of the reasons why Pari is increasingly becoming the talk of towns is because of the very sight of Anushka Sharma in a creepy nightdresses along with the ghastly wounds on her face. Nobody had anticipated seeing Anushka in a horror movie, let alone jumping on people and slitting their throats as a possessed patient. All these years, we saw her as a bubbly, happy-go-lucky girl with occasional deviations as a victim of mob-attack in NH10 and a sassy, no-nonsense delinquent in Bombay Velvet and Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola. Even Phillauri saw her as a ghost, but then her movie was a clear statement: all movies that have a ghost or two, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are horror movies.


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The first look of Pari came way back in last year, around June, but hardly anyone knew about it. Soon the first teaser dropped where the camera pans closer to her face and as it does, the face starts acquiring wounds and marks. The camera stops zooming in and we can no longer recognize Anushka. The teaser trailer dropped around the time of Anushka’s marriage to her long-term beau Virat Kohli (and they are so adorable!!). The whole country was hyped up, so the trailer was expected to get exposure. Must say, quite a clever marketing move!

Over a period of two months, about five of the teasers, which they have named as “Screams”, along with the prime trailer have dropped in Anushka’s social media handles such as Instagram. And fans can’t stop being awed. The Screams are getting spookier day-by-day and it is getting harder to wait for the release of the movie.


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What we can understand from the trailer, the movie will show Anushka as a patient who has no one in this world. She is taken home by a noble police officer, to be portrayed by Parambrata Chatterjee (the Bengali Officer-Babu in Vidya Balan’s Kahaani ). A kind of romantic interest between the two develops before the people can warn him about her. What he sees is not what she really is.

The quality of an actor is judged according to the diversity of roles that he or she portrays in his or her career. It is quite a bold move on Anushka’s part to jump into the horror genre. This is one arena that Bollywood often has had failed explorations. It requires a lot of efforts to deviate away from the conventional scares and come up with new ideas. I wouldn’t say Pari will have amazingly new scare factors and there might be some cliched scares. But the most important thing is Anushka is trying her level best and it is quite commendable for her production house to venture into multiple genres of movies. Pari hits the silver screen on March 2, 2018. I wonder how Virat feels when he is checking her Insta feed with all the demonic Anushka’s in it. Imagine seeing your newly-wedded wife giving demonic laughter and even blood-curdling screams. We feel you, Cap.

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