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Nature has a habit of amazing us. No matter how much we love our geysers for saving us from the wrath of cold showers every morning, nothing can replace nature’s geysers- the hot water springs. Water has always been the source of one’s physical and eventually mental and emotional well-being. So we have sum up some of the best hot water springs of the world to help you revive yourself this holiday season. And believe us, it is worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.

  1. The Blue Lagoon, Iceland:

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    This is spring needs to be on top of the list. The lagoon was formed in 1976 following an operation in a geothermal plant nearby. Some years later, people discovered that bathing in the water of the lagoon had miraculous effects on their skin. The lagoon is filled with geothermal seawater of about 38 degree Celsius coming from 6500 feet deep below. The silica and mineral contents of the  water in the pool helps in exfoliation of the skin and reduction of inflammation.

  2. Banff Upper Hot Springs, Canada:

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    The Banff National Park of Canada houses one of the most sacred healing sites of earlier times. Banff Upper Hot springs of Canada are located about 5200 feet atop sea level, the springs were considered as healing sites by natives. The water here is rich in silica, phosphate and other minerals that are just what your tired muscles or damaged skin cells need.

  3. Peninsula Hot Springs, Australia:

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    It takes just a 90 minutes drive from Melbourne to reach the first natural hot springs day spa. The spring was found by two brothers who were on a hunt fro hot springs around Australia. The geothermal water is a manna for your mind and body.

  4. Pamukkale, Turkey:

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    The “cotton castle” of Denizli province of Turkey contains water rich in carbonate and calcium.It is picturesque , it is recreational and it is mysterious. Sources say that there was a lady who was rejected for being ugly. She tried to commit suicide by jumping into one of the springs. However she survived and returned as a beautiful lady who caught the attention of the king and soon got married to him. Since then the water is said to have healing properties. Sure enough, the water here cures rheumatism, asthma, eye problems, circulatory issues etc.

  5. La Gruta Hot Springs, Mexico:

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    The dipping in hot springs in Mexico has been there since 16th century. Decades later, there has no change in the tradition with Mexico housing some of the best hot water springs. The La Gruta Hot springs are a total of three pools. The hottest one, both in popularity and temperature, lies deep inside a well lit tunnel. The restorative properties of these waters will beckon you if you visit Mexico.

  6. Chumathang, India:

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    Despite being so undermined and rarely having any mention in any travelogues, in reality India houses some amazing hot springs of the world. One of them is Chumathang located in Ladakh valley. The coldness around you will be diminished in minutes once you step into the spring. With the scenic beauty around, this spring is definitely worth visiting to soothe your  body, mind and soul.

  7. Kheerganga Hot Springs, Himachal Pradesh:

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    The Kullu district of Himachal houses one of the most amazing hot springs of India. The ambient beauty around it created by the lush green forest covers is worth all the trekking. The water in it will surely ensure that the journey leaves a mark in your heart.

There are enormous number of springs around the globe, known and unknown. It cannot be denied that Mother Earth is abundant. It is high time we realise her importance. So when you plan your next getaway, plan to connect with nature too.

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