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They are bold. They are jaw-dropping. They are the Victoria’s Secret Angels.

In 1977, when Roy Raymond started out Victoria’s Secret line of women’s wear, little did he know that it would take the world by storm. The Angels came into focus much more after 1995 when the company started hosting its annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It was “a combination of self-assured strutting for women and voyeuristic pleasures for men—and lingerie becomes mainstream entertainment.” Today, the Angels are not mere ladies with a physique envied by ladies around the globe, but they have become icons of fashion, grace and attitude.

Now you can dream of becoming a supermodel but you cannot simply aim to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel. The parameters are well beyond feasibility. Some even say you are born as an Angel, it’s not something you give effort and suddenly, you become one.

So what goes into the creation of an Angel?


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Height is the most important element of an Angel. It is the biggest and the ultimate barrier. Maybe rigorous gymming would be able to give you the desired figure, but height? It is something your genes determine. So if your height is somewhere between 5 Feet 8 Inches to 6 Feet, welcome aboard!

The less difficult yet quite significant requirement is the shape of your body. Unlike typical runway models, you need a voluptuous body (bosoms and butt matter a lot!) So the ideal shape is 34-24-34.

What about the age bar? Well, they are quite strict in that. the window is 18 years to 30 years. So, if you can fit in, you have the chance.


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After the physical requirements comes the need to be signed with some reputed fashion agency. If your fashion agency is not recognised by Victoria’s Secret, your chances of adorning the Angel Wings is next to impossible. According to an article in the website the balance , ‘If you are signed to a big-name agency like Ford or Elite, the next step is to make sure they’re doing everything possible to fulfill your dream of becoming a Victoria’s Secret model. As Taylor Hill told Fashionista.com, “Since I signed with IMG, their goal for me has always been Victoria’s Secret; they’ve been grooming me for it. When I turned 18 and the opportunity came around, they were like, ‘You’re obviously going to the casting!


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Every year, VS organises a Secret casting for runway superstars. It is a platform for the aspiring models to prove their potential to be one of the Angels. The existing Angels also need to prove themselves. It is not just about toned bodies only, mind you. It is equally about personality. For instance, Taylor Hill, Stella Maxwell, Sara Sampalo, Elsa Hosk, and Lily Aldridge, all of them featured in one or two of these secret castings before officially becoming an Angel. This can be tough provided there will hundreds of models competing for the Angel wings. You will have to show that you are better than the best.

One of the biggest reasons why VS became a huge success is because of its marketing strategy. They are present in all the platforms of social media. Their target is not just to promote their products but to create a standard of beauty, lifestyle, attitude and personality. Even after becoming an Angel, you will have to work harder to maintain your public image. You can end up losing your wings if you are not on time everytime. You need to be approachable, spunky, fiery and prove that you are gorgeous both in and out. This is a career goal every runway model aspires. Of course, it is no piece of cake, but once achieved, you will know that all troubles were worth this!

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