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What can be more annoying than summer in disguise of spring? It’s the time of the year when sunscreens, shades and cotton become your comrades and everyday feels like a battle with the merciless sun. Until a few years back, we had a something called the umbrella. It was our shield until sunscreens and shades hit the market. Time to bring back its lost glory and this time, it will be much beyond than just for protection from the sun.

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The market for umbrella has become very diverse –printed, floral, transparent, big, small, Asian, British–you name it, you get it. But out of all, no one can deny the class of the classic umbrellas. It is straightforward, strong, sturdy and depending on how you dress, this canopy can give you both the chic as well as the elegance of a royal. And boys, you can carry them too.

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Foldable umbrellas are bae, to be honest. These mini weapons get tucked in wherever you want them, provided you remember to fold them neatly after every use. If fashion and class is not always in your mind, then befriend foldables.

All said and done, how can you make umbrellas go with anything that you wear? First option: you can make a collection of them. Hey, people make collection of things like cigarette packets (and we are not judging them. Maybe.) You can certainly make a collection of umbrellas! And if you feel that it will burn a big hole in your pocket, you have a second option: go for something that goes with anything.

Personally speaking, I recently bought a white coloured umbrella with black polka dots and I absolutely adore it. First of all, it is foldable which is really helpful for people (like me) who do want to go chic but don’t want to grab too much attention. Next up, it is white. Now white and black are two colours that are universal for everything. They just blend in perfectly. While black absorbs heat, using a black umbrella in summer is always a no-no. Well, you can use one if it has a silver sheet on the inside. But it is best to stick to the pastels such as yellow, sky blue, creamy, or even white that reflect back the light and the heat.

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Now, speaking of summer fashion, minimum is the mantra. And we are not talking about just shorts and tank tops. Anything that gives your body more air is welcome. Cotton is the fabric of the season.

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One fad that is being noticed recently is the love for oversized, baggy t-shirts. They are hip-hoppy and fun. You can either tuck the lower part in your pants or knot the hemline or just leave it hanging. Pants that go best are denims. Denim shorts look really cool but if skin show is not your thing, you can always opt for boyfriend jeans or the skinnys. You can tie a shirt around the waist if you feel like giving a little bit more effort into it.

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Off shoulder tops are quite in rage and why won’t they be? They are effortlessly stylish and cute. You can pair them with literally any type pant or skirt. Throw in an off shoulder top with a pair of baggy shredded pants or shorts. Maxi skirts can also be a good partner for it.

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Floral dresses have garnered huge popularity in the past couple of years. You can wear a mini or a midi floral dress with a pair of flip flops or heels that do not envelope your feet entirely; your feet need to breathe too. Any kind of clothing that allows your skin to breathe is most welcome in summer. Clothes that cling to your skin clog the pores leading to rashes and discomfort.

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Two new kinds of dresses that the world of fashion has recently accomodated are t-shirt dresses and shirt dresses. They have swag, they can go with any occasion and they are confortable too.

In summers, t-shirt dresses go best with wedges and flip-flops. But pumps have always partnered such dresses beautifully.

This is also the time when your ability to choose dresses gets evaluated by the weather. One wrong choice and all your efforts trickle down with sweat.

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Now how to partner an umbrella with your clothing and why is it important to do it correctly? One subtle example of wardrobe disaster would be when you wear everything is flowery from head to toe. Added to this, a floral printed umbrella. If you don’t feel like copying a comic character, you better avoid this mistake. Too much of prints reduce the seriousness in your dressing. Solid colours go well with any kind of dressing. But if your umbrella is full of prints, avoid wearing anything that has prints as well.

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You can take either the foldable or the classic in any casual day outing. However, if the occasion is somewhat formal, you can make use of the classic umbrella as a fashion statement and a canopy. If you take out your umbrella only for protection from the rain spells then bold colours like black, maroon, bright red or anything not dull will suit just fine.

So, redefine your summer fashion and don’t forget to take the umbrella!

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