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The government has come up with many schemes and advertisements to prevent smoking and public smoking. The central Indian government has made cities like Chandigarh smoke-free cities where it is illegal to smoke in public places. However, despite these efforts people continue to smoke. The problem is that smokers are not only harming themselves and their lungs, but harming non smokers too – passive smoking. So if you are a smoker, or know or someone who smokes, here are some tips to quit smoking.

  1. Start using nicotine gums

Even though a nicotine chewing gum contains nicotine, it doesn’t contain the harmful smoke of a cigarette which is what causes lung problems. It is the nicotine in the cigarette which is addictive, not the smoke itself. The reason people smoke is because they need their nicotine intake – not their smoke intake. So, shift from cigarettes to nicotine chewing gums, and eventually you’ll be able to drop the smoking habit. Every time you feel like smoking, have a nicotine chewing gum and eventually the gum will replace the cigarette. Then all you need to do is cut down on your nicotine chewing gum intake.

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  1. Identify your smoking triggers

Some people need a cigarette as soon as they wake up; some need it after a meal. Every smoker knows when they crave that particular cigarette at that particular time of the day. The first step to quitting is knowing your triggers. If you know you need to smoke right after you eat a meal, avoid that cigarette. Slowly your dependency will reduce. And remember, it only takes 21 days to form a new habit. So you can become smoke free in 21 days – all you need is the will power.

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  1. Download an app

Now days there are apps available which can help you quit smoking. These apps provide daily reminders and tell you about the toxins you are saving your body from by not smoking. These apps provide gentle positive reinforcements to prevent smoking. At the end of the day, all a smoker needs is a gentle reminder to not smoke when they start to cave.

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Smoking kills – and every cigarette box says that. But to really be able to quit, a smoker needs to make up their mind to quit. No one can force a smoker to quit smoking, but maybe just thinking about the money spent and the harmful effects on the body can change a smokers ways.

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