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Different Greens that Help Our Body

It is an age-old custom of parents telling their kids how eating green leafy vegetables help our body maintain a perfect balance of both physical and mental health. As we aim towards making the Earth a greener place, hence negating… Continue Reading →

Famous Health Gurus!

The Guruji culture has been deeply embedded in the Indian DNA for quite sometime now. Be it anything, from studies to sports, a guide, a mentor, a coach is all we need. Every sportsperson has had a ‘guru’ with them… Continue Reading →

The World of Indian Spices

With their intoxicating spices and mouth-watering flavours, Indian curries are enjoyed world over. Unlike western dishes that tend to pair similar flavours together, Indian dishes use several ingredients that do not contain overlapping flavours. Indian spices also have amazing medical… Continue Reading →

Healthy Breakfast Foods for Weight Loss

The most important part of having a healthy breakfast is – to wake up. Early. (LOL) Most of the individuals who are conscious about their health or people who have visited a nutritionist even once would know the importance of… Continue Reading →

Shed Those Extra Kilos Immediately – Best Diet Plans for Weight Loss

Most of us today are stuck to an unhealthy lifestyle and much less time to work on keeping ourselves healthy. Let alone working out to burn those hazardous calories, we have even stopped eating clean! This group of “most of… Continue Reading →

Coffee – The Good and Evil Sides

Over the last few years, coffee houses have been mushrooming in our little towns and cities. Coffee is no longer a beverage for the urban classes alone, instead it is not considered the most happening places to hangout with your… Continue Reading →

Natural Remedies to Reduce Body Heat

Body heat is heat produced by the body due to metabolic and physical activities. It is also referred to as “Heat Stress”, a common health problem caused by exposure to high temperatures. It occurs when the body temperature rises more… Continue Reading →

Daily Healthy Habits to Improve Your Life

Every time you get an upset stomach or any form of physical sickness, you make a promise to yourself and your loved ones to follow a strict and healthy diet the very moment you recover from it, but seldom does… Continue Reading →

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