Breathing Techniques for a Healthy Mind and Body

In a stressful situation, have you ever just sat down and taken a few deep breaths? Do you remember how it made you feel calmer and lighter? When you’ve run a little more than you’re used to, you stop and… Continue Reading →

Going Nuts for Nuts: The Top 5 Countdown

Nuts might be high in fat, but that shouldn’t stop you from eating them! Apart from being known for their high-fat content, nuts are rich in minerals and nutrients, vitamin B, vitamin E, potassium, iron and antioxidants. Some might call… Continue Reading →

Different Greens that Help Our Body

It is an age old custom of  parents telling their kids how eating green leafy vegetables help our body maintain a perfect balance of both physical and mental health. As we aim towards making the Earth a greener place, hence… Continue Reading →

How to Carry an Umbrella and Still Look Good in Summer

What can be more annoying than summer in disguise of spring? It’s the time of the year when sunscreens, shades and cotton become your comrades and everyday feels like a battle with the merciless sun. Until a few years back,… Continue Reading →

Roast You Will Like the Most

Roasting is one of the most luxurious ways of cooking. It enhances flavour by bringing about the process of caramelization. This slow-cooking method uses dry heat, and is one of the best way of evenly cooking something. Roasting is especially… Continue Reading →

Music, Dance and Festivals from Around the World

We are a generation that believes in celebration for a reason or even when we don’t have one, and this is true across the world. Some are the kinds that involve loud electronic dance music, some involve a lot of… Continue Reading →

Towards Becoming a Cheese-Wiz

One of the best comfort food, after ice cream, cheese has since forever received love. I mean, can anyone really deny being attracted to the melted heaven on pizzas, the generous sprinkle over pasta, the gooey gorgeousness of cheese balls…. Continue Reading →

Best Places in India for Destination Weddings

So you have finally decided to start a new journey with someone. This is a huge deal- a new life, with new hopes, new dreams, also a new set of bitter-sweet moments. But whatever it is, you will have someone to… Continue Reading →

Bike Gear That Will Appeal To Your Inner Badass

Riding is one of those passions that set people apart. This is for those people, who have already chosen their desired bikes to mount. Here, we discuss the various gears that will make your ride more comfortable, safer and generally,… Continue Reading →

What it takes to be a Victoria’s Secret Model

They are bold. They are jaw-dropping. They are the Victoria’s Secret Angels. In 1977, when Roy Raymond started out Victoria’s Secret line of women’s wear, little did he know that it would take the world by storm. The Angels came… Continue Reading →

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