Best Biryani Places in Bengaluru

As soon as someone utters the word Biryani, our mouth starts watering. A hot pot of biryani is sure to tingle all our 5 senses, for that matter even the 6th gets activated. Here are a few places which can give you the ultimate Biryani-gasm.

Meghana Foods : The best biryani on their menu is their Meghana Special Boneless Chicken Biryani; which is succulent and very tasty. The quantity is sufficient for 2 people.

meghana boneless

Suchithra’s Biryani : Yet another boneless chicken biryani junction with a taste of authentic Andhra spices.


Nagarjuna Andhra Style : Savour your tastebuds with the flavours from Hyderabad! Hyderabadi chicken and mutton biryani, are the best dishes here.
Hyderabad Biryani House : Their specialty is Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani. Fast and polite service is something that comes free with mouthwatering biryani.

hyd bir hou

Shivaji Military Hotel : There’s definitely a reason for the huge crowd on Sundays at this biryani junction. It’s not just because of the extremely amazing taste of their chicken and mutton biryani but also because the biryani is served on bowls made out of palm leaves, giving it an authentic feel.

Mani’s Dum Biryani : For the best experience, try their Jeevan Bhima Nagar branch for the best biryani experience. What’s the best part? They guarantee a leg piece in every serve.


Firewood Biryani : Great portion, brilliantly tasty biryani at an affordable price is what this place is known for.



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