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Monsoons are about to end and soon it’s going to be time to say “time for some sun, sea and sand!” For those living in India – it’s “Goa Calling” time of the year and this calls for some shopping for those perfect easy-breezy beach outfits. Of course, you should be flaunting your body in a sexy bikini, swimming your way for that perfect tan, but are beach looks all about the bikinis? Naa…that’s too old school!

Today’s generation calculates their holidays not just by days, accommodation, money or touring…an important part of the planning also includes outfits. Keep in mind- cottons, colorful prints, flowy dresses are going to be your friends throughout the trip. So, here are a few outfit ideas to get the perfect beach look, while being comfortable.

1. The Kaftan Way

It’s classy, it’s easy and it’s comfortable. Light coloured poncho dresses/kaftans is the best way to look beautiful at the beach. Try to choose a flowy kaftan to add a flutter to your walk every time the wind gushes against your body. Accessorize your look by adding a white neckpiece. Wear them with a pair of matching flip flops and don’t forget to carry those shades, coz it’s going to be sunny out there!

poncho kaftanImage source: Aliexpress

2. For the love of Florals

As long as it can date back to, florals have been a beach favourite and shall remain so for a long time now. It doesn’t get better than donning a cute flowery short dress and walking down the beach with a large hat on. Carry your colourful flip flops in your hand and voila, I just gave you an idea for a perfect picture. Make sure not to wear extremely bright colors as it’s already going to be hot out there. Try to stick to the basics – white dress with blue green flowers to match the sea, a pair of white flip flops and a sand brown hat. Perfect!

dressImage source: Fashion71

3. Jump into a romper

To keep you looking classy even when you are not out on the beach, go DENIM! Wear a classic blue denim romper with a pair of brown flat gladiators. Complete the look by adding a leather bracelet and a pair of your favorite shades. Leave your hair open and flowing over those lovely shoulders or tie it up into a messy bun to get the casual cool girl look. Carry a small brown sling bag to complete the look.

romperImage source: Pinterest

4. Shrug it up!

Nothing can beat the classic white spaghetti top and a pair of blue denim shorts look when at the beach. Of course, you cannot go wrong with that look, but how about making the look a little more right? Add a flowy long shrug, even better if you get hold of a floral printed shrug, and watch those eyes turn as you walk down the beach. Add a pretty, over powering hat and wear a leather strapped watch to complete the look. Here’s some inspiration:

shrugImage source: Pinterest

5. A Classy Affair:

It’s not a mandate to look comfortable or cool at the beach, you sure can look classy too. Club a white detailed and lacy bralette crop top with a floral long skirt with one sided slit. Couple this with a pair of classic white sandals. Wear a piece of long chain with a heavy pendent around your neck. Add the class to your look by tying your hair into a neat bun and adding a pair of dark shades. Oh! and don’t forget to add the grace to your walk. Here’s some inspiration:

bralette skirtImage source: Pinterest

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