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Men as a species is known to survive with the least amount of things in the world! In fact, a man’s list of essentials, without which he is incomplete is a really short one. Be it a pair of jeans or a trimming kit, men too need a few things to look civilized in this modern world. So here goes a neatly jotted down list of things men cannot think of surviving without. Even though different people have different perspectives of their essentials, we have categorized them into multiple sections and have tried to bring in a closure to the endless list of things.

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Men Grooming : The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about male grooming is the “much celebrated” beard. However, the idea of shaving is rather fading away, as we see a lot of stub beard in fashion; being followed by youngsters and middle aged men thus confining shaving mostly to the older-middle aged and the old. With Amitabh Bachchan bringing in white french cut beard back into fashion, it would not be completely wrong to say maintaining a beard is as essential as having a hair cut, just that a beard can be maintained by oneself, but the latter requires some help.
1. Shaving Kit/ Beard Trimmer
2. Comb
3. Hair Oil/Beard Oil
4. Hair Gel
5. Lip balm

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Fragrance : All women want their men to smell nice, you must have heard that one before! You would not want to end up in a meeting or party smelling sweaty, neither do you want to give others a headache by wearing a very strong fragrance. You are considered a gentleman and appreciated socially for a charismatic personality, which often comes out not just in the way you walk and talk but also based on how you look and smell. Here’s your list to strike gold with an amazing personality.
1. Aftershave
2. Perfume
3. Deodorant
4. Cologne


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Clothes : A basic need for all human being is to hide our body and protect ourselves from heat, cold and dust. We understand you have been hitting the gym to get those perfect cuts and you sure want to flaunt them as well, but clothes still remain a basic for your survival.
1. Jeans/Cargo/Formal pants/Shorts
2. T-shirt
3. Shirt
4. Sweatshirt/Jacket/Sweater


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Men Accessories : Once you are groomed well, smelling good and have put on a few good clothes, you need a few other things to complete you and hold your shape.
1. Undergarment
2. Belt
3. Wallet


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Shoes and socks: To protect your legs from cuts and bruises, or breaking a toe while you stumble upon a stone/rock (if you have poor eyesight), here’s what you need:
1. Slip ons
2. Loafers
3. Flip Flop
4. Formals
5. Sport shoes
6. Socks


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