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Have you just moved to Bangalore and want to take in the vibe of the city as soon as possible? What better way to learn about a city than through its food! Being a cosmopolitan city, Bangalore’s food culture is diverse. A dash of old, a dollop of new, it has something for everyone. Keep reading if you want to know where to find the best food in Bangalore:

1. Idli Vada Dosa

The trinity South India is known for, are Bangaloreans’ street food staple too. While the city is sprawling with amazing South Indian food, CTR, Malleshwaram is hands down the best. The dosa there is the best you will ever have in your life. Another amazing dosa place would be Vidyarthi Bhavan, Gandhi Bazaar. If you are more of an idli fan, head to Renukamba Thatte Idli, Bidadi. While you can get amazing vada at most places, Dadar Vada Pav, Indiranagar might just become your favourite.

idli vada dosa.jpg


2. Mangalore Buns

As the name suggests, they are a Mangalore speciality. But you get a pretty delicious variety of it, here in Bangalore too. Made with ripe mashed bananas mixed with a concoction of maida, sugar, baking soda and buttermilk, they are then rolled into balls and deep fried. The result is a pillow with a crispy outside and a fluffy soft inside.

mangalore buns.jpg


3. Kebabs and Rolls

In the localities like Shivaji Nagar and Vasanth Nagar, the lanes are filled with places selling amazing Chicken Kebabs and rolls. However, before you venture into those, you must opt for a safer option. A place that can guarantee fulfilment- Khan Saheb Grills and Rolls. They have branches across Bangalore, but the Indiranagar one is a personal favourite.


4. Sandwiches

Yes, this one might seem a bit weird. But trust me, on a day when you are running late, but still want your breakfast/lunch to be delicious, fulfilling (and quick), you will turn to the street vendors serving sandwiches. If you stay in Jayanagar, you are in luck. Look out for Hari’s Sandwich Zone. Not just your savoury varieties, they will surprise you with their sweet sandwiches (chocolate sandwich!) as well.



5. Dal Obbattu

It is one of the finest produce of Kannada cuisines. Made with grounded cooked dal, jaggery, coconut and sometimes, a hint of cardamom, you can get the best ones in Holige Mane, Malleshwaram.



6. Burgers

Truffles. That is all I need to say. Bangalore has way too many cafés and restaurants serving good burgers. Chicken, fish, lamb, beef; you name it and you will get it. But for the best ones you need to go to Truffles.



7. Appams and Mutton Stew

These staples of Kerela are quite well represented by various places in Bangalore. But, along with the food, if you are also looking for ambience too, visit Koshy’s at St Marks Road.



8. Momos

Yes, Bangalore does momos too. However, be careful, for not all of them are great. One of the few amazing places are Bamey’s Resto Café in Koramangala, Taste of Tibet in Rest House Road and Suraj’s Stall in Kamanahalli.


There you go, we have your bases covered. Keep following for compilations on the more important parts of gastronomy – desserts and drinks!

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