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Health supplements are basically consumed with the intent of acquiring those nutrients which are not available to the individual through his/her daily routine diet. These dietary supplements play an important role in achieving one’s health goals. Now, whether consuming them is beneficial or harmful to the body has always been a debatable topic. Here are few points on benefits and harm of using health supplements. Keep reading…



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  • Provides essential nutrients: The basic purpose of dietary supplement has been to provide the body with nutrients which might be lacking in your routine diet. While a healthy balanced diet often provides the required vitamins and minerals, consuming dietary supplements along with a healthy diet may prove beneficial in the long run, ensuring your body gets enough nutrients, it needs each day.
  • Boosts Metabolism: Metabolism is the various chemical processes that happen inside every cell of our body. After a meal, our body breaks down the food into singular nutrients. Health supplements provides our body with particular types of nutrients which might be missing in the food we consume.
  • Disease Prevention: A number of essential vitamins, including vitamins A, C and E, act as antioxidants in the body. They work to neutralize chemicals, called free radicals, that cause oxidative damage within your cells. The consumption of dietary supplements can helps balance the antioxidant levels in our body, hence increasing immunity and preventing against various diseases.



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  • Increased heart rate: Various health supplements are responsible for increasing the heart rate in order to boost blood circulation in the human body. This may sometimes have harmful effects on the cardio vascular health of the individual.
  • Kidney damage: Overdose and abuse of health or dietary supplements, may lead to accumulation of waste lumps in the kidney leading to kidney stones or excess pressure on the kidney, to process the extra nutrients leading to kidney damage.
  • Dependency: Excessive usage of supplements may make our body heavily dependent on them and reduce the body’s capability to consume and absorb whole foods. The body in that situation cannot survive without consuming the dietary supplements, almost like an addiction.

Thus, what when we blance out the goods and bads of health supplements we understand that, although they can be extremely useful for you in achieving your health goals, but just like we’ve known forever that ‘too much of anything is bad’, the same applies for supplements as well. So its your choice now whether to or not to consume them. Make a well thought decision readers!

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