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Summer is over. Even autumn is fleeting away. Winter is a time to be with family and friends. Then why this list, you ask? Well, so that you, the humans of this generation who hate to save up, can go on amazing international trips without having to count your coins. A bit of planning, early bookings and you can have the time of your life. So, to help you out, here’s a list of the countries you can visit with a budget of Rs 30,000.

  1. Nepal

This beautiful country of mountains is the perfect place for you if you are a romantic and an adventurer at the same time. Also, after the horrible earthquake Kathmandu suffered, every rupee you spend there is going to fasten its pace of recovery.



The cheapest flight to Nepal is from Delhi (round trip 10k approx.), during the first weeks of June. You can also take a bus to Nepal from Kolkata (costs less than Rs 1000 for the 12-hour journey), if you are feeling a bit crazier.

Visa: Indians require no visa

  1. Bhutan

You have heard about Bhutan’s beauty but now it’s your turn to go and see it for yourself.



The cheapest way would be to fly to Kolkata or Bagdogra and take a bus from there. The five-hour trip won’t cost more than Rs 700.

Visa: Indians require no visa.

  1. Thailand-Cambodia

The flight ticket is all that is expensive when going to Thailand. To maximise your saving, head out to the smaller islands like Koh Chang. These small islands have hostels and huts lining the beach-lines which you can get for as cheap as 500 THB (Rs 1000 approx) per night.



Cheapest would be to visit during May-September. Flight from Kolkata to Bangkok is the cheapest (Rs 14,000 approx).

Visa: Rs 2000 (Single Entry)

After relaxing in Thailand, you can take a flight to Cambodia in less than 1000 THB and pay a visit to the famous Ankor Wat. The only trick is to be on a look out for promotional offers and to pre-plan.



  1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka promises to provide you with a holistic experience. It’s one country where you can spend your morning at a Buddhist Temple, rekindling your spirituality and make your evenings equally adventurous by zip-lining through a forest. And the nights can be spent by the beach with coconut ice-cream in your hand.


Flights are cheapest from Chennai (approx. Rs 8000). Once you reach Colombia, you can take a bus and go around the other cities and towns as well.

Visa: Rs 2000

  1. Oman

Yes, this one is a weird one. But, if it’s a different culture that you want to absorb, then Oman is the place for you. Dubai can be accused of stealing Oman’s thunder for all these years, but now you know, Oman is an option you have. The Wahiba Sand, Alkasfah Spring and their food won’t disappoint you.


A round air-trip to Oman during the end of May will cost you, not more than Rs 16,000.

Visa: Rs 3335 (single entry)

For lowest air fares, keep checking AirAsia and Expedia.

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