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Bangalore being an IT hub, is home to people from various parts of India. Hence, Bangalore has it’s fair share of people from the Northern parts of the country as well. To all the northern buddies out there, here’s a compilation to support you during your early morning homesickness. And to the southern folk, get into any of these places and add some tadka to your regular breakfast. Since we care about your taste, we’ve sorted out the places serving the best North Indian Breakfast in Bangalore.

1. Mumbai Tiffin

Location: HSR Layout

Opens at: 8 am

Cost: 200 per person (including tax)

This amazing place serves vegetarian North-Indian food and is one of the few restaurants to open early enough to serve breakfast. The ambience is cosy and intimate. You can sit alone at one of the tables and munch away on their Phulka Thali. Or you can take your date for a morning-after breakfast of parantha and lassi and savor some of the best food in Bangalore.



They have a delivery menu as well which you can check out here.

2. Kota Kachori

Location: 6th block, Koramangala

Opens at: 8 am

Cost: 200 per person (including tax)

This tiny little place is a flavour bomb. No wonder it stays crowded more than half the time. It being easy on the pocket at a location filled with expensive eateries, is another plus point. While I don’t need to tell you to try their kachoris, you must also try their Poori Sabji (a relatively better breakfast option, if you ask me) paired with their amazing buttermilk.



It’s a vegetarian place which also serves Jain food.

3. Phulke Ghar Ke

Location: Bellandur

Opens at: 8 am

Cost: 100 per person

A cute little place with outdoor seating, Phulke Ghar Ke is one of the only North-Indian breakfast places in that area. You must visit this place every time you are homesick and can’t contain your carving for ghar ka khana. When you’re there, try their sattu parantha and of course, their phulka.



They deliver too and are known for their prompt service.

4. Northern Route

Location: St Mark’s Road

Opens at: 8 am

Cost: 150 per person

Try their Rajma Chawal. They are one of the few (reasonably priced) places in Bangalore that serve good Rajma Chawal. Their portions are huge and that’s a good enough excuse to take along a friend.


This place too is a vegetarian eatery.

5. Bikaner Sweet Centre

Location: 1st Block, Koramangala

Opens at: 8:30am

Cost: Rs 50-100 per person

This is the best place for a light North-Indian breakfast. Their Poha and Jalebi combo is just Rs 30. Who wouldn’t want to start their day with flaky, spicy, filling poha and the crispy sweet wonder that is jelebi. They serve paranthas too, especially delicious aloo paranthas.


If you are bored of the regular Cholas and Phulkas, then this place serves Sabudana Khichdi and Dhoklas as well!

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