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Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Padmapriya, Svar Kamble

Directed by: Raja Krishna Menon

Language: Hindi

Running Time: 2h 13min

Rating: 2/5 by Indian Express, 3.5/5 by Times of India


This adaptation of the Hollywood movie by the same name is a fresh addition to Bollywood’s diversity. The script is different from the usual masala films Bollywood is known to produce, yet the emotions (father-son bonding) the film tries to portray tries to strike a chord with the Indian audience.

The story revolves around Roshan Kalra, a divorced, Michelin chef in New York, who gets fired and then moves back to his hometown in Kochi, to spend time with his son. Though Kochi was a few days plan, he ends up staying longer. In this process, he discovers a better, happier side of life.

Saif’s performance as Roshan Kalra is quite charming. Padmapriya too does a decent job. Food-lovers too are given their share by including food is most of the movie’s scenes. The film promises to be very urban, sunny and light; yet at the same time holds on to an underlying emotion that gives structure to the film. You should just go and see the movie for their attempt at doing something new.



Dissapointment: There could have been a little more depth in the film, given that it showcases a father-son relationship. However, if you prefer a movie to just lighten your mood this weekend, this one’s for you.

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