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The trend right now is chunky jewellery and rightly so, for they really bring out the creative side of you. Take a simple plain dress and add a bright neck piece and voila! Your attire gets a new burst of details, a new life. Chunky jewellery is no longer restricted to the hippies. It has made its way into mainstream fashion. The best part is, you can play with them; you can mix and match. That locket of yours that you wore with your saree, turn it into a brooch to give your formal western attire a desi twist.

And if you are anything like me, you will be in love with them, not just because you can wear them, but also because they are just so pretty to look at. A jhumka casually hanging on a corner of your work desk will immediately brighten up the whole space.

So, go on, scroll down and find out the best destinations for junk jewellery shopping in Bangalore!

  1. Jeweller’s Street

Location: Commercial Street

A whole street dedicated to jewellery! Could we ask for anything better?! This place not just sells imitations and junk jewellery but also artsy silver and gold jewellery. This place has jewellery in such a wide variety that you are sure to find something to perfectly suit your soul. In addition to this major attraction, this street also has parlours where you can get your ears or nose pierced (or even belly and eyebrows, if you want to go all the way).


  1. Levitate

Location: Indiranagar

An unusual little place in Indiranagar that you can’t miss. While jewellery is their speciality, they also sell other things funky, like exotic jewellery boxes for your exotic pieces. The best part about levitate is that it creates an illusion of a beautiful different world as soon as you enter and you can get lost in it for a really long time!



3. Fancy Chilli

Location: HSR Layout and Indiranagar

Fancy Chilli presents a concoction of desi flamboyance and contemporary fashion through its products, mainly jewellery. If you are into handicrafts, then this place will appeal to you more, for reasons you can understand. They are even developing an online store for those busy bees who would still want to infuse colour in their lives.



4. Brigade Road

The entire Brigade Road is filled with tiny shops and roadside sellers selling trinkets and junk jewellery at throwaway prices. A bit of scrounging through the street is sure to give you some beautiful pieces to wear with your dresses or that kurta you haven’t worn for a long time for a sheer lack of charm. If you are tight on money and don’t mind going seller to seller and bargaining, this is the place for your jewellery needs.



5. The Orange Bicycle

Location: Indiranagar

As the name suggests, this place is bright, funky and youthful. This bungalow-turned-store gives off a unique vibe that pulls you in. And once inside, you are gonna want to loot the place! While they sells too many things (all amazing) to have a clear forte, their jewellery too lives up to the mark. They don’t specialise in junk jewellery but whatever little collection they have, it is very tasteful yet quirky enough to be unique.



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