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Every morning it’s a struggle, isn’t it? Getting those tresses in place. The same way, every single day. For how long will you continue to struggle them into a tight ponytail? And, God help you if you have curly or frizzy hair, for making them office ready is a long battle you fight every morning. So, to help you a bit with your daily struggle, here’s a list of hairstyles, not only appropriate for office, but also, insanely easy to style.

1. The Twice Twisted Bun

This is the simplest one of them, a good old bun, with a contemporary twist, of course. This hairstyle is specially suitable for long hair and curly hair.

How to do it: Separate your hair into two halves, all the way to the back. Then tie them separately into ponytails, at the same height you want your bun at. Then, twist both the ponytails till the end and finally, roll them together to get the look. Don’t forget to seal them tightly in place with the help of bobby pins.

twice twist.jpg


2. The High Ponytail

The High Ponytail allows you to look firm, yet maintaining a slight mischievous tone. While it is an easy-to-do hairstyle, it is mostly recommended to people with straight (or straightened) or wavy, medium to medium-long hair.

How to do it: Brush your hair in the direction you are going to tie tour ponytail. To get it in the perfect place, align it with your cheekbone and pull it backwards to the top of your head. Smooth out the hair by applying a bit of hairspray, if you are going for the perfect sleek look. Tie it up. For a more swingy pony, tie up with two elastic bands. Brush away at your frays and the crown of your head with a toothbrush, to make you look more clean. To give volume to your pony, take strands, starting from the top, hold them up and tease them with a comb.




3. Side ways Ponytail

It gives you an elegant, yet sophisticated look. This hairstyle looks especially amazing on people with wavy and curly hair.

How to do it: Much like your regular ponytail, only you tie it up on the side. Behind the ear is usually the perfect place as then their is a slight ‘jump’ in your pony and also it spreads out perfectly on your shoulder.



4. The Straight Bob

If short hair if your thing then the Straight Bob is your best friend. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you won’t have to spend much time on it, if you have straight hair. If not, straightening your hair every morning might get a little to messy. For a style like this, it is important for your hair to be straight because open curly or wavy hair doesn’t look very disciplined and hence not suitable for an corporate environment.

How to do it: Just brush you hair. That’s it. Although, if the front hair keeps falling over you eyes, you might want to fix that with a bobby pin.



5. The Ellen Style

Those who don’t mind or even, absolutely love super short hair, this one is for you. This cut brings out your face’s sharp features. While this style will require you to visit your hairdresser in shorter intervals, it is totally worth it

How to do it: Get the hair cut and your job is done. If you have average to low volume of hair, just smoothing it out with a brush with do. If you have thicker hair, you mind need to use a straightener or some products, like hair spray.





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