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Cast: Rahul Dev, Yuvraj Kumar, Manon Faure, Harish Bhimani

Directed By: Yuvraj Kumar

Language: Hindi

Running time: 2h 15 min

Releasing on 29th October, 2017, this movie is Yuvraj Kumar’s directorial debut. As the name suggests, ISIS Enemies Of Humanity, is a movie that presents a closer look into the formation and progression of ISIS to the most dangerous terrorist organisation of the world. Blood and gore forms a major chunk. The combat training, attacks, punishments are delved into quite deeply in the movie. The movie seems to have found the perfect balance in showcasing its characters. It doesn’t exaggerate the goodness or cruelty of the characters. Human psychology is well put across.

04-ISIS_l Rashid Naaz (left) with Yuvraj Kumar (right) (www.midday.com)

The movie aims at awakening the people of the world to see that the ideologies ISIS stands for are not Islamic. Islamophobia is something the movie tries to battle. Artist across India and Pakistan have joined together to create the film. Filmmakers from Ukraine, Poland, UK, USA, France, Nepal and Hong Kong too are a part of the film. This diversity is sure to enhance the authenticity of the movie. As far as the trailer is concerned, the movie doesn’t shy away from calling a spade a spade.

Disappointment: The film could have done with better CGI. There are instances such as missiles blowing up a plane, which you can make out to be unreal. Yet the acting and cinematography makes up for it.

Official Trailer : https://youtu.be/Y1unBg2xaIU

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