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Diwali is just a few days away. Most of us are already squealing with joy. Lights, sweets, crackers and everything fun! But wait a minute, in the wake of environment consciousness, shouldn’t you too contribute to making the world s better place? If you think so too, then shun fire-crackers this Diwali. But then what will you do? Well, this Diwali, spend time with your family in lighting up your house, cooking delicious meals and making drool-worthy sweets. And since I can’t mess with your special traditional recipes, let me try and help you out with the decorations!

The Entrance



Deck it up with Rangoli. Get you brothers and sisters or sons and daughters to join you in creating the perfect masterpiece. If you don’t have time to go out looking for rangoli powders, let the internet show you the way here.

The Staircase

If your house has a staircase, why not light up each step with a diya. Buy those simple earthen pots from the street hawkers you pass by on the road. Dip them in water for a few hours. Then, take them out and let them dry. On the morning of Diwali, get your paint brushes and your set of acrylic colours out, and paint your own version of Diwali on the diyas. Do it with you loved ones, and I promise it will be more fun then bursting ear-deafening crackers.



The Drawing Room

Don’t crowd it up with more chairs than required. Instead move away some of the furniture and create a big space for the whole family to sit together and laugh over what cousin Chintu did on Aunt Payal’s marriage.



If you don’t mind going for a contemporary feel, do not hesitate to use fairy lights. But since Diwali is about brightness, make sure your strands of fairy lights are clubbed together to give out a stronger effect. You can put those lines of fairy lights inside glass bottles, maybe like the ones you collected by drinking shakes from Keventers, and hang them on the corners, behind the sofa, to light up even the darkest parts of your house.

The Dining Room

This is going to be the most popular room. So, naturally, should be the most pretty one as well. While all that gorgeous food is going to light up the table, you can higher the notch by giving your guests a personal feel. You can get personalised, scented candles for every guest. Wouldn’t it be a delight to watch all the candles on the dining table flickering like fireflies in a forest.



Look at the power of technology. You don’t have to go anywhere, you can get candles of all kinds here.

The Walls

The wall can’t be just left blank. So, it would be a good idea to fill it up with creativity. It should be something the entire family can have fun putting up. It can be Origami or flower garlands, woven in exotic manner. You can also create a comic strip of the story behind the celebration of Diwali and then put it along the length of the wall. Educational for the young ones and quirky to set you apart among the older ones.



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