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India is home to some of the most dense forests and formidable mountain ranges. Hence, to any professional trekker, India is a treasure waiting to be explored. Here are some of the toughest treks of India.

  1. Chadar Lake Trek

It is a Himalayan winter trek, starting from Leh in Jammu & Kashmir, going all the way through the frozen Zanskar River. The Zanskar River flows fiercely through steep cliffs, making your path even more difficult. The sub-zero temperature, the high altitude, the intimidating terrain, the slick ice- everything adds up to make this trek one hell of a ride.



The path offers a tranquil valley, protected by a shroud of white, with a few monasteries acting like oasis in a desert. Make sure to pack enough water and energy-filled food. Waterproof shoes and warm clothes are another necessity. And since it is desolate trek, be sure to pack every kind of medicine you might require.

Distance: 70km

Duration: 12 days approx

2. Goecha La Trek

This trek begins from Yuksom, Sikkim and travels through Sachen, Thansing, Tsoka and Dzongri, before arriving at the breathtaking Goecha La. The trek will also give you the best view of the infamous peak of Kanchenjunga.

goecha la.jpeg


While there are treks tougher than this one, this is the one with the most gorgeous. It is different than the other treks in ways that it allows a look into the natives of that region. You will also have to pass through an opaque forest, an expanse of pasture and clear streams of water, giving you a more holistic experiancxe than most other treks.

Distance: 95km

Duration: 10 days approx

3. Pin Parvati

This trek takes you off from Kullu and through a bizarre path of beauty, to the Sipti Valley, which is said to be one of the most satisfying views. The starting point in is Khir Ganga/Manikaran. Due to the intense height, 4900m (maximum) and long distance, this trek requires not just physical stamina but also mental strength and emotional stability.



Distance: 100km approx

Duration: 11 days

4. Auden’s Col Trek

This is one hell of a strenuous trail, with a precarious descent since it is set at a staggering height of 5490m of Gangotri. Irrespective of the perils, this trek in Garhwal is one of the most ideal treks for it takes you through flower meadows, gushing streams and tiny villages that allow you to peak into the lifestyle of people residing in those areas.

auden's col.jpeg


Distance: 83km

Duration: 12 days approx

5. Markha Valley Trek

Set in Ladakh, Markha Valley Trek is also known as the “tea house trek”. It takes you through several villages in Ladakh. The whole journey is a feast to the eyes. Markha Valley runs parallel to the Himalayas, hence offering enchanting views. The best part of the trek is that you can seek refuge in one of the villages, and stay in parachute tents. It is advisable to do so because the trek is known to be visited by several wildlife fauna. The arid cold and the notorious steepness of the trail are mainly responsible for making this trek a tough one. The trek goes inside Hemis National Park and has two pass crossings- Gandala La and Kongmaru la.



Distance: 70km approx

Duration: 8 days approx





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