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Be it an unofficially official meeting or a date with your loved one, a good cafe with a tranquil ambience perfectly does the job.

So here are few of the best uptown cafes in the heart of Bengaluru:

1)  Art Blend Cafe


(Source: GroupTable)

It is definitely a place where art and aesthetics meets food. It has walls adorned with artwork and mesmerizing lights. It is perfect for chit chats and afternoon chills. The food at Art Blend may not make your mouth water but it suffices the need to complement the quality time that you are likely to spend here. The interiors are delightful for art lovers and the workshops, discussions etc. organised can be of interest to many.

2) DYU ART cafe


(Source: IBTimes India)

DYU Art Cafe is an oasis of calm in the midst of the bustling Koramangala area. The cafe has been done up beautifully, with greenery all around. There are bits and pieces of quirk here and there.The cafe is quite spacious, with both downstairs and upstairs seating. You can see patrons spending hours here, and it isn’t difficult to figure out why. We do, too – the staff doesn’t get you your bill till you tell them you are ready to go.

3) Om Made Cafe


(Source: Dineout)

This cafe set right at the heart of Koramangala has undoubtedly one of the best rooftop ambiences. You know where to go if you’re looking to have a candlelight dinner or just chill early evenings, overlooking Bangalore.

4) The hole in the Wall cafe


(Source: lifestyle.zolostays.com)

Its basically a home turned into an extremely cute cafe . This place is perfect for weekend brunches and is always awfully crowded. You will have to wait for minimum 15-20 mins. Ambience is quite tiny and clean. This is a nice place if one is looking for quality time and to have long conversations.

5) Dialogues Cafe


(Source: LBB)

There is a saying “time is money”. In this restaurant it was taken literally. So when you go, you need to pay money based on the time you spend here. Then the food is free. All you book lovers, freelancers, people who work from home on a regular basis and a certain crowd who want some peace of mind away from the hullabaloo of their lives, this place is definitely for you. No music, limited smoking area, open terrace, ample seating area, comfy recliners and seats, board games to pass your lazy day and munchies to snack on, basically a complete package for your peaceful lookout.

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