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Most of the exciting travel stories that we hear, notice how about two-thirds of them are trips taken with friends. There is literally no place on earth where you cannot enjoy in the company of friends. But, should trips with friends be like the trips we have with our family or should they carry the solo-ride-on-till-I-die vibes? Here are some places you can definitely check up on with your friends, whether you are in college or years past your retirement.



(Source: adventurenation.com)

Although Leh and Ladakh are two different places, your trip to either of them would be incomplete if you don’t respond to the call of the other. The best part of the trip to Leh and Ladakh is the road. Hop on a bike or drive through the mountain lanes in your own car or take the public transportation facilities which are quite pocket friendly.  Reaching Leh by air is possible but flight schedules keep on alternating depending on the weather. Often called as the “biker’s paradise” in India, the ideal time to visit the places is during summers when the sky is clear and so are the roads. Here is a list of musts during the trip—

  1. Watch the sun rise at Panging Tso.
  2. Camp near Sarachu
  3. Visit the monasteries and listen to interesting tales from the monks when requested
  4. Relive your childhood with the Pahadi kids at 20,000 feet above sea level.



(Source: Himachal Tourism)

Want your sleeping heart to just wake up and run? Manali is just the place for this purpose. This little town enclosed with lush green mountains and the Beas flowing through it is a hub for thrill seekers. The little shops, cafes and market places welcome tourists of all ages. You have got to add these to your itinerary —

  1. Go paragliding and skiing in Rohtang Pass and Solang valley.
  2. Camp in the valley of Solang.
  3. Shop at really cheap rates in Old Manali Market and Mall Road
  4. Savour yourself with a cup of coffee in those little cafes of Old Manali.



(Source: Tripoto)

Although Gokarna is a prime location for pilgrimage, yet it is open to anybody who wants to enjoy some quality beach time without much of ahubbub around. Housing pilgrimage sites such as Mahabaleshwar Temple, SreeVenkataramana temple  and Bhadrakali temple, it also has an ample number of beaches for pristine times. Some things you should look forward to—

  1. Trek up the rocks of Kudle beach and feel the waves splashing on your feet
  2. Visit the deities in these temples which are about 1500 years old or more.
  3. Try some sea food in the local restaurants.
  4. Have boat rides to Om Beach and Paradise beach.



(Source: Shounak Biswas)

This little hilly town of Karnataka has started attracting tourists more than Ooty in the recent years. Known as the ‘Scotland of India’ this picturesque getaway is perfect for recreational purposes. The scenic Western Ghats give the essential thrill throughout the trekking trips. Some things to add to the to-do list during the trip—

  1. Discover the wild side by trekking up the Tadiyandamol Peak, the highest peak in Coorg at an elevation of 1,748 metres.
  2. Go for river rafting (rapids) in Barapole’s mad currents of water through the thick forests of Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary.
  3. See the clear starry night and the flight of countless birds in the morning by camping out.
  4. Go rock climbing in HonnamannaKere.
  5. Go for mountain biking in Chelavra.
  6. Walk through the coffee plantations and breathe in the aroma of nature.

Shillong- Cherrapunji:


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Meghalaya literally translates to land or home of clouds (“megh”). Shillong and Cherrapunji happen to be two of the prettiest hill towns of the state. The road trip alone can keep you entanged with nature’s diverse play on terrain. The state is home to numerous valleys, waterfalls and breath-taking views. To begin with—

  1. Street shop in Police Bazaar, the central point of Shillong.
  2. Go up to Shillong peak and see the mesmerising view of the whole town while you chew on a corn cob.
  3. Ask about the stories behind the falls of Cherrapunji such as Noh-Kalikai Falls, Seven-Sisters fall.
  4. Try zip-lining midway on the Shillong-Cherrapunji road.
  5. Wave at the people from Bangladesh while being on a boat over the crystal clear Dawki river sandwiched between India and Bangladesh



(Source: India.com)

Located amid the great Thar, this historical town is an amalgamation of fun and education.  From getting your hearts pumped in sand dune activities to getting lost in time while visiting the forts, this town is hot, literally and metaphorically! Check out the following activities—

  1. Shop for some Rajasthani merchandise in Sadar bazaar, ManakChowk or Pansari bazaar.
  2. Parasail or paramotor above the Thar.
  3. Sand bash the dunes of Thar
  4. Walk through the royal times in the forts of BadaBagh , Rani ka Mahal, Khaba fort, Jaisalmer fort.

So, when are you calling up your friends?

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