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While horror genre in Bollywood has failed to achieve popularity among the Indian masses, yet another horror movie is on its way to release.

the house


Directed by Milind Rao, The House Next Door is an upcoming horror/thriller movie hitting the silver screen on 3rd November this year. The movie stars Siddharth, who has co-written the story with Milind Rao,  and Andrea Jeremiah in lead roles. The movie has been dubbed in Tamil and Telugu as well.

The trailer is quite self-explanatory- Siddharth and Andrea are a loving couple who are living a happy life until their new neighbours arrive. Initially, the neighbours seem like any simple family with two beautiful and young daughters Jenny and Sarah but soon the couple realise that nothing is simple as it seems. And only time would tell if the two little girls can be saved from the wrath of the monstrous and unseen force that targets them.

Official trailer :

Bollywood has been failing to make a benchmark in terms of horror movies and despite numerous attempts, the quality of these movies often end up showing the same spooky elements, which are no longer spooky now. Talking about this situation, the lead actors assure that this time the scares have been created from scratch, inspired by some Korean horror movies. Hope we won’t be disappointed this time.

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