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Assam is one of the north-eastern states of India, known for it’s tea gardens. While Assam tea has captivated the taste-buds of tea lovers across the world, little else is known about this beautiful state. But not for long. The newly-formed BJP Government in Assam has been trying to promote tourism in the state and the recently released YouTube video, featuring popular actress Priyanka Chopra, is a part of that campaign.

The video not only introduces the geographical charm of the land but also it’s enchanting culture and people. The visuals of the expanse of greenery with galvanic bursts of colour and the soothing allure of the song in the background brings alive the mystique and tranquil beauty of the state.

Within the first few seconds we see a bihu troupe dancing in front Sivasagar’s rang-ghar, which was used by Ahom kings, years ago, as a sports pavilion. The video then takes us to Majuli, world’s largest river island, which holds in it not only scenic beauties but also a treasure-box of culture. It introduces to the audience the various tribes that reside in a single state, each tribe with their own unique ways. The almost never-ending tea gardens too, obviously, held a strong frame in the video.

Rural life too is microscopically shown, romanticism that poets talk about, evident in each frame. I guess, in a way it’s good that Assam and it’s culture isn’t as popular in the country as other states like Punjab, for now, to taste a piece of Assam, you must come to Assam. The video montage shows the Assamese palate as well, both the palates of that enjoyed by kings of earlier times and the palate enjoyed by his common subjects. The Assamese cuisine mostly contains simple food with uncomplicated but strong flavours of the ingredients, since spices are used less. Thanks to the majestic Brahmaputra, a plethora of different kinds of fresh river fish are found and relished.

The flora and fauna of the state too has been beautifully captured. The infamous one-horned rhino and the gargantuan but yet the most docile elephant are seen, marking their prominence to the state. There are five national parks and many bird sanctuaries in the state which are yet largely unexplored. The most famous of them are Kaziranga and Manas, which have been conferred with the status of National Heritage. This tourism campaign is an attempt to bring them to light.

The beautiful conglomeration of water-bodies, hills, forests and meadows is very well captured in the video, so much so that it makes even the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra take the back seat. However, the tourism department has not yet officially released the advertisement. It is set to come to our TV screens on 1st November, 2017. A massive campaign is planned for promoting ‘Awesome Assam’ over the next one-and-a-half month, with a total of six videos. This not only aims at people within India, but worldwide.

You can taste Assam more closely in the video, so watch it below.

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