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The beauty of the night sky can’t be compared to any other. You don’t need to be a romantic to be awestruck by the magnificence of the twinkling stars in the dark unapologetic night sky. To many, the warm hues in the cold black, is a sign of hope and assurance. In today’s world most cities are so polluted that is creates an opaque distance between you and the sky. Hence you need gateways to close in on the distance and enjoy the dreamy brilliance of the night sky. Here are a few places strewn across the country which will give you the satisfaction of being able to experience nature in it’s most brilliant state.

Jaisalmer (Rajasthan)

Jaisalmer’s beautiful night sky stretches uninterrupted by the great desert, until finally the merge into one. Known as the Golden City, Jaisalmer is a tourist’s delight as it offers beautiful architecture, culture and several adventure sports and activities in the desert. Even though it is very close to the Pakistan border, it is very safe. Hence, you don’t need to worry about camping out, under the open sky.

Katao (Sikkim)

Being unexplored and offbeat, Katao is a heaven for solo travelers. Tourists can travel to Katao with kids as well, but be sure to carry warm clothes. This pollution free town offers a clear night sky, magnificently sheathing over the mountains. However, if you go in the snow season, it might get a little difficult to camp outside.

Coorg (Karnataka)

Coorg is every romantic’s dream. Not only does it have a great night sky, but Coorg’s entire ambiance suits honeymooners. Coorg’s aromatic coffee, loved one by your side and the stars twinkling above – what could possibly be better?

Coorg is also perfect for solo woman travellers. The locals are very helpful are welcoming.

Sipti Valley (Himachal Pradesh)

Sipti Valley’s geographical location, at 14,000 feet elevation, makes it one of the most special places for stargazing. The crystal clear sky seems closer from here. It is advisable to travel in groups to Sipti Valley as it’s easy to get lost here. However, otherwise it is very safe and yearly entertains many backpackers.


Neil Island (Andaman)

One of the many islands of Andaman, Neil Island finds special mention for the night ambiance it creates. The night here is various shades of blue, with the sky and the sea fighting each other for attention. Being low on tourists, you can easily spend the night on the beach (however you must first gather information about the pattern of the tides and the timing of the tide). The forests that cover the island only add to it’s charm.


Kuari Pass (Uttarakhand)

The Kuari Pass is one of the popular tourist destinations, with a great influx of American and European travelers. Nestled cozily between mountains, gazing longingly at the starry sky, you can relax every ounce of your body here. There are a few excellent treks here and some are specially designed for solo travelers.


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