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(Source: Zee News)

This upcoming Indian rom-com is slowly starting to stir a buzz amidst the movie-lovers as its release date comes nearer. Directed by newbie Ratna Sinha, this movie is set in the contemporary middle-class backdrop. Satyendra aka Sattu is all set to tie the knot with Aarti. While Aarti initially despises of getting married to someone arranged by her family instead of pursuing her career, she is seen falling for Sattu over the course of their meets. On the night of the marriage, however, unexpectedly the bride goes missing. Years later, interesting turn of events make both of them face each other when Satyendra, now an IAS officer, is assigned the case of framed PCS Aarti.

Official Trailer :

Honestly speaking, the movie plot is quite clichéd. Bollywood has given us movies of this kind multiple times. The trailer has a nice flow but the initial “happy” half feels overstretched.Judging by the trailer, Rajkumar Rao’s performance is commendable and the new face in Bolly-town Kriti Kharbanda who was last seen in Guest Iin London and prior to that in Emraan Hashmi starer Raaz Reboot she seems to be getting along quite okay. Nevertheless it is the kind of movie which you can watch in a lazy afternoon at home, not sure if it is worth watching in theatres.

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Ratings :

hindustantimes.com : 3.5/5

timesofindia.com : 3/5

indianexpress.com : 1.5/5


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