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No matter how much we show resentment towards the ever-threatening Chinese forces on our borders, the love and respect we have showered on Chinese food contradicts the scenario. From multi-starred posh restaurants to small food vendors in the streets, Chinese food has been reigning in India and over the Indian taste buds for ages. Bangalore being no different, it is one of the cities where the demand for Chinese food never dies. Here are some of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Bangalore who ensures our love for Chinese food never dies:

1. Hunan Restaurant


(Source: hunan.co.in)

Located in New BEL Road and Koramangala 5th Block, Hunan serves both Chinese and Thai cuisines and is quite a popular option for casual dining among the Bangaloreans. The ambiance is something most people love there. The restaurant serves authentic Chinese food which might be a little tight on your pockets but totally worth it. The most ordered dish is the Pan Fried Barbecued Fish, according to Zomato.  Otherwise, you can try a number of veg and non-veg dishes with lip-smacking combinations.

Average Cost- 1100 for two (approx.)

2. China Pearl


(Source: TripAdvisor)

People adore this restaurant when it comes to tasting some cliched but popular Chinese dishes such as dumplings and noodles in their authentic forms.  This restaurant will not disappoint you, unlike some posh ones that charge you exorbitantly but fail to provide a generous quantity of food, this one is definitely going to be on your list of restaurants that serve the best food in Bangalore. It is quite popular for its starters. The ambiance is known to give the oriental feel once you enter. The flavors are quite known yet the menu is not the conventional one. Some of its popular dishes include stir-fried Chinese Greens, General Tao’s Chicken and of course, the Hakka noodles. It has two outlets:  Kalyan Nagar and Koramangala.

Average cost- 1100 for two (approx.)

3. The Lantern


(Source: The Ritz-Carlton)

The lantern is not just a simple Chinese restaurant with authentic Chinese cuisines that play with your taste buds, but also comes with a full-fledged bar and outdoor seating. They are known for serving some of the best Chinese food in a five-star ambiance. The dim sums of Lantern are most loved and not to forget are their cocktails. As you go through the menu, you can feel the air around you becoming heavy with the aroma of stir-fried Chilli Prawn, Stir-fried Lobster or Kung Pao chicken, the garlic and chili sauces accentuating their delightful smell, Want some classy, chic yet quiet place to spend your lunch and dinner time, then The Lantern is just the place, located in Ritz Carlton, Residency Road.

Average Cost- 3200 for two (approx.)

4. Bangalore Mandarin


(Source: Dineout)

Located both in Indiranagar and Whitefield, Bangalore Mandarin is the beloved Chinese food chain of Bengaluru. This little, calm restaurant is deemed to be the most affordable Chinese Restaurant in and around Indiranagar. The restaurant has been able to establish a line of difference between Indo-Chinese food and Chinese food, coming off more Chinese than Indian. The seafood dishes have been adored for ages in this restaurant. When you visit don’t forget to try some crispy shredded pork or the mixed vegetable noodles or the Honey- Glazed Chicken Wings.

Average Cost- 1100 for two (approx..)

5. Chung Wah


(Source: Magicpin)

Chung Wah reigns across Bengaluru through its 19 outlets and is popular as a dine-in as well as the takeaway restaurant. The menus are the same in each outlet but each has its specialty. For instance- the one in Koramangala is known for its Drums of Heaven, Gold fried Prawns, Chung Wah chowmein. As for the one on residency road, it is loved for the Sweet and Sour Pork.  Don’t even get us started on their Wontons! The reasonable prices of the cuisines add to its attractiveness.

Average Cost- 700 for two (approx.)

So, Ni Hao!

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