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Paranormal activities have always fascinated people of India. From the tales of our grandmothers to the movies from the horror genre, India itself, houses a lot of paranormal activities in many of its parts. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular places which are sure to give you chills down your spine–

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan:


(source: udtikhabar.com)

This 17th century fort has been deemed to be one of the most haunted places of India. Even the Archaeological Society of India prohibits people to visit the fort after sunset. There are many stories that increase the eeriness of the fort. One of them is about Emperor Madho Singh who built the fort but he and his fort had faced the wrath of Guru Balu Nath whose retreat was shadowed by the fort. Son of the city was turned to crumbles and it never restored. Another story involves the tale of Princess Ratnavati whose tales of beauty crossed borders and countries. Thus when she rejected the treacherous attempts of a magician trying to woo her with his black magic, the magician in turned cursed the very city of Bhangarh. Locals describe instances of strange activities that go on at night in the fort which includes hearing sounds of someone crying, breaking of bangles, apparitions and physical hurt caused to people.

Tunnel 103, Shimla:


(source: theoktravel.com)

This 140 yards long tunnel connects Shimla and Kalka. It is known to house ghosts that talk in full context with humans. According to locals, the tunnel houses different kinds of ghosts. Most of them are said to not acknowledge your presence. Some of the popular stories include that of an English sahib who talks with anyone who visits the tunnel at night. Others account of a lady clad in a black sari carrying a malnourished baby.

Dumas Beach, Surat:


(source: tripadvisor.com)

The beach is just like any other beach during day hours.  Let the night fall and suddenly it emits an eerie vibe. Apparitions and orbs are known to be a frequent sight. Many tourists have reported of hearing somebody whistling. As the folklore goes, the black sand of the beach is because it was previously used as a burial ground. Some people claim that it must be roamed by evil spirits at night. Visitors also claim of hearing laughter, cries, voices etc.

Sanjay Van, Delhi:


(source: india.com)

Sanjay Van in west Delhi is full of green lashes, and full of  birds chirping. But as the night falls, the spirit of a deceased sheikh seems to roam around the forest. People hear eerie sounds and encounter the vision of a lady who hanged herself to death. Some have claimed to see her spirit, others claim to have seen her scary eyes. Some even claim to have seen how she hanged herself in the peepal tree.

South Park Cemetery, Kolkata:


(source: trabol.com)

Cemeteries conventionally have been the setting for many horror movies. But not all cemeteries are as spooky as the South Park Cemetery of Kolkata. Many visitors report of having dizziness, breathing problems or claim to have captured weird images with their cameras. Some have been spooked later on. Some say that although they didn’t have any paranormal experiences yet they felt something really odd in this place.

Jatinga, Assam:


(source: nchills.gov.in)

In the remote Dima Hasao district of Assam, covered in lush forests is the “valley of death” for birds, the village known as Jatinga. Birds are known to commit mass suicide in this valley. Although it is said that the locals catapult and kill them yet even the government is convinced that the birds do not try to escape. they seem to be dazed and act rather weird. It is not uncommon to see dead birds spread across the ridge area.

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