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Alcohol prices vary according to locations in India, because of the way it is taxed on by the state governments.In the last decade, India has seen more than a 50% hike in the number of people drinking alcohol. So, I guess, I am safe to assume that most of the audience here do drink. If you are someone who is looking for good but cheap alcohol in India, the list below is going to delight you. This one is an attempt to help you stock up on your liquor or beer stack whenever you are in the below-mentioned regions.


Daman And Diu

Union territories undoubtedly have the most economically affordable liquor rates, thanks to the way alcohol is taxed by them. While some complain about the quality of alcohol in Daman, it cannot be denied that they sell alcohol at one of the most cheapest rates. To give you an idea of how cheap, percentage charged on alcohol in Union territories don’t exceed 20%, while Maharashtra charges 300%. Daman, hence, sees a great influx of tourists from Maharashtra and Gujrat (which are dry states).


Puducherry carries forward the tradition of its colonies and has made alcohol very cheap. Known for its rocky beaches, this laid back town is perfect for a relaxing vacation. And what can relax you better than a beer by the seaside? Domestic beer ranges between Rs 50-120 while imported beer ranges between Rs 100-150. Wine too is quite cheap, a mid-range bottle priced between Rs 300-750.


Goa, the word already paints an image of waves, sand and sun. And where there are these, there is alcohol. Goa has developed into this party hub because of its gorgeousness and also because of its incredibly cheap alcohol prices. You can buy almost three times the amount of wine (supermarket version) as compared to Mumbai, for the same price. A mid-range bottle of wine would cost you around Rs 600. Make sure you taste Sula’s red wine, a domestic brand which costs less but can compete with imported brands. Beer, which is found in abundance, although not the kind we find in microbreweries in Bangalore, is extremely cheap. Domestic beer (500ml) ranges between Rs 45 to 100 while imported ones (500ml) cost between Rs 90 to 150.


With the cheapest liquor rates in the entire northern region of India, Chandigarh sees many buyers of alcohol. Even though there has been a gradual rise in liquor prices in the region in the last few years, it still remains to have comparatively much cheaper prices. If you still aren’t so sure about Chandigarh, then let me tell you a way to get even cheaper alcohol there. The CSD canteen. For example, Blender’s Pride in a regular place in Chandigarh would be priced at Rs 580, compared to the price of the same in CSD canteen, which is Rs 264.


Panchkula has the cheapest rates for beer, for both light beer and strong beer. One light beer bottle would cost you around Rs 55 while a strong beer bottle would cost you around Rs 65. Other than beer, Scotch, both the deluxe brands (12 years and above) and the premium brands (18 years and above) are on the cheaper side, compared to other places. However, all the other kinds are much more expensive than, say, Chandigarh. So beer lovers and scotch lovers, head straight to Panchkula!

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