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Ah! So finally we’ve grown up and have realized that every individual has their own sexual desires and fantasies. Taboos and sexual jokes are a thing of the past now. This rational realization of the Generation X of India, has increased the demand for sex toys in the country. But, there’s a catch. India doesn’t have retail shops selling sex toys because it is ‘considered’ illegal. Even though there is no particular law banning the sale of such commodities but there is a law which prohibits ‘public display of obscenity’.

But, Thank God, We Indians have mastered the concept of ‘jugaad’. So now, we buy our toys online. So here are 5 websites where you could get the sex toy of your choice:



Source: adameve.com

Started in 1971, Adam and Eve is one of the oldest online portals selling pleasure goods to the masses. Gladly, it also has it’s branches in India, and provides delivery to most of the major cities and towns  in the country. It has been in business for a very long time now and has become a reliable and trustworthy name in this industry. So, if you’re purchasing sex toys for the first time, Adam and Eve is the best option available for you.



Source: Masalatoys.com

Probably the first Indian online market for making sex toys available to the Indian masses. Part of their mission and vision statement of MasalaToys is to increase consumer awareness of sex toys in the world as a safe, clean and exciting way for adults of all genders, ethnicities and sexual orientations to enjoy and enhance their sex lives, whether they be single or part of a couple. This makes Masala Toys one of the biggest players in the Indian Market.



Source: twitter.com

Adult Products India, started in the year 2010, has also made it’s way to the top by virtue of its quality products and its continuous striving towards 100 per cent customer satisfaction. They believe in customer privacy as well. Therefore they never disclose their customer details to a third party. They also have a discreet delivery and billing process. This actually acts as an incentive for many people who want to keep their such dealings secret.


dulux toys

Delux toys is a relatively new and upcoming Indian website to venture into the sex industry. It offers an unparalleled selection of Sex toys and accessories from renowned brands for men, women and couples for people of all sexual orientations including homosexuals, heterosexuals and lesbians.



Source: retailgazette.co.uk


Lovehoney breaks away from the days of ‘seedy’ shopping, helping you to celebrate and explore your sexuality, whatever your taste. Creating a comfortable, couple-friendly online space which appeal to all sexualities, genders and relationship types, Lovehoney began to stock products with clean, informative packaging. Also, it has an extremely customer friendly return policy. If you’re not happy with your purchase from Lovehoney, they have a 100 day extended return policy which means that you are entitled to a refund or replacement for up to 365 days from the date of your purchase.

These were the best 5 online shopping websites which will provide you with the best sex toys and elevate your level of sexual pleasure.