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Fashion is dynamic. What was fashionable yesterday might not be fashionable today. Yet, what was fashionable yesterday might become fashionable tomorrow. While from the ancient times, men and women have been wearing distinctly different styles of clothes, now those distinctions are more faded then ever. Most of what used to be worn by men are now worn popularly by women. But did you know, there are a few fashion trends of men, in today’s date, which originally were meant only for women? I have listed them below, so go on, read, know and try them out!


Shrugs, unlike jackets, are not add-ons to a look. They are a cropped, cardigan like, often knitted, garments worn over shirts or t-shirts. A popular trend of 2016, it still is going strong. Shrugs, however started off as women’s clothing. The only difference that remains is that women wear shrugs of any length while men are now wearing only the long ones. Even though shrug as a clothing has existed since quite a long time, it’s only now that it’s seen in a more glamorous manner.

Side Zipper Jacket

The badass jacket used to come in only a single style, that of the zipper in the middle. But a few years back, side zippers began to an in-thing for women’s jackets. But now we see men too proudly showing off their black, leather jackets with a side zipper. Side zippers seem to bring more sophistication to the entire look. Difference? More zippers and pockets on a man’s jacket, then a woman’s.

Side Bags And Purse

Side bags and purses! This one I am sure you guessed. The TV show, FRIENDS did dedicate one whole episode to Joey’s purse that he and Rachel agreed to be for a man, while the rest of the group argued that it’s for a woman. The answer probably lies in ‘If it’s convenient and you look good in it, then why not?’.


A few years ago, the Venn diagram of men and earrings would have a narrow overlapping for only rockstars wearing studs. But that’s not the case anymore. While more men have started wearing point sized studs, there are upcoming styles of longer earrings of various designs. In modern times, jewelry on men was unheard of in urban legends. It was meant only for women. But it seems like the trend is finally changing (for good).

Churi Pants

The churi pant or those pants that stick tightly around your legs for the world to gasp at the excellence of your calf muscles. Jokes apart, this bottom-wear was once worn only by women, mostly paired with long kurtas. No more the case.


Scarves, derived from a piece of cloth women used to cover their modesty with, have long exchanged hands. But it’s only recently that there are so many variations available for men as well. Not just has it entered the men’s domain, it has also been seen as one of the most fashionable choices that can be made. That’s great news for all of us, since men do look dashing in scarves.

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