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IndiGo Airlines has been recently accused (again) of unprovoked rudeness by noted historian Ramachandra Guha.

Guha tweeted out his experience with the low-cost carrier IndiGo. “Three times this time, I have been subject to unprovoked rudeness by an @IndiGo6E staffer. Different people, different airports, same airline. Absolutely shocking,” Guha tweeted on the 26th of November, 2017. “I don’t normally use twitter as a means of consumer redressal, but since the same airline misbehaved thrice in a single week I had to. Friends family also confirm that rudeness has become a habit with @IndiGo6E,” he further wrote. The airline hasn’t yet commented on the incident.

In case you didn’t know, this isn’t the first time IndiGo has landed themselves in trouble. Earlier in the month of October, a video went viral which showed an IndiGo staff manhandling a passenger. Social media and public outrage finally made IndiGo apologise. But, the management fired the whistleblower of the incident and not the person who assaulted the passenger. The public hue and cry has however resulted in an intervention by the ministry of civil aviation, which then called for a probe into the matter.

In yet another mess-up, a passenger fell off her wheelchair while being assisted by an employee of IndiGo at Lucknow airport on November 12. The airline did apologise to the passenger later, in a statement, and said the mishap was a result of a crack in the floor of the airport. The Airport Authority of India, denied and said that the reason behind the mishap was “gross negligence of Indigo staff”.

This is not all. Even ace badminton player, PV Sindhu took to Twitter to complain about the rude behavior of the IndiGo ground staff. Apparently, her bag containing badminton racquets couldn’t be kept in the overhead locker, which hence had to be shifted to the bellyhold cargo. According to her posts on twitter, when she asked the ground staff member carrying her stuff away to be careful with it he replied rudely. An air hostess tried to intervene, but he was rude to her too.


A few months back, in the Brand Finance India’s Most Valuable Brands list this year, IndiGo Airlines was the biggest gainer. It made a 33-point jump from 95 to 62. Maybe it’s this fact that IndiGo Airlines dominate the skies that they have began to not care about their customers. Or even if these are just coincidences (unlikely but lets give them the benefit of the doubt), IndiGo needs to step up and go through major change in customer care and public relations to save their tarnishing image. While it’s true that IndiGo prices are cheaper but there are other airlines giving it a close competition. Service brands, like IndiGo, need to move to a more uniformed service experience, for when the brand value shakes, even the slightest issues can create a havoc. If they aren’t careful, IndiGo, the world’s fastest growing airline, might end up losing that coveted top position on the market to one of it’s competitors.



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