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Innovation is one of the most effective marketing strategies that companies use these days to popularize their products. But, how about innovation in the ‘Paan’ Industry? Earlier, Paan was a simple preparation of betel nut along with some ‘Chuna’ and ‘Katha’. Now, it is actually a lot more than that. Ranging from Fire paan to Chocolate paan to ice cream paan to ladies paan, betel nut has changed its course from the 20th-century definition of ‘Paan’ to a newer one. Here are few of the best paan shops of Bangalore and their available varieties of ‘Paan’:


1) Hello Paan Walla, Koramangala

Hello, paan shop is located in Koramangala exactly opposite to the Empire Hotel. This Paan shop offers one hundred and thirty-two varieties of Paan to its customers. One extraordinary feature of this Paan shop is its owner, Raj Bahadur Singh. He has a unique way of enticing his customers through his intriguing way of serving paan. Thus, I hope that it wouldn’t surprise you to know that he serves more than 500 – 600 paans a day.

His unique preparations include:

  • Chocolate coated paans
  • Jelly stuffed paans
  • Iced pans
  • Paans with liquid chocolate
  • Fire Paan
  • Ladies’ Paan

2) Rawat Paan House, Indiranagar

This shop is located inside the Oye Amritsar restaurant on the 80 feet road in Indiranagar. This shop offers a wide range of paans with prices ranging from as low as Rs 15 to as high as Rs 300. This shop is highly popular among the masses which is proved by the fact that this shop receives orders from hotels like ITC and Leela Palace. They procure their betel leaves from Kolkata and Benaras, the shop sells three varieties of paans – the Kalkatta paan, the Benarasi paan, and the maghai paan. The maghai paan is the most popular variety that is demanded by the paan lovers frequenting this shop.

3) Empire Paan house, Church street

This Paan shop has a lot to offer. Situated just opposite to the Empire restaurant in church street, this shop always remains crowded with people who go there to savour the chilled Maghai Paan offered by the shop. Stuffed with cherry, gulkand, coconut shavings, and other delicious titbits, the maghai paans are this shop’s USP.

They also serve the following kinds of paans:

  • Khajur paan
  • Kalkatta paan
  • Banarasi paan
  • Saada paan
  • Flavoured Paan

4) Paan Shop near Koshy’s, St. Mark’s Road

Maghai paan is a special item of this shop, just like the previous one. Stuffed with kesar, gulkand, dates, and other bits of edible stuff, this variety is served in various flavours such as mango, strawberry, chocolate, and blackcurrant among others. The recipe for the maghai paan has been a consistent factor in the growing popularity of this paan shop.

The owner of the place Gulabchand Singh has become pretty famous for his paans. As a result of which, not only normal people, film stars and politicians also grace the shop to have a taste of their favourite paan.

5) Paan Stall near Lakeview Ice-cream Parlour, M. G. Road

This shop will make you realise that “cleanliness” is a virtue. Raju, the owner of this shop maintains much-desired hygiene in his shop as it is an open shop. The reason people love the shop is that Raju never compromises on quality.  This is a famous paan shop in the bustling MG Road, where most of the frequent customers come here for the delicately soft Maghai Paan which melts in your mouth.

So, readers, there were 5 options for you to try out if you’re a Paan lover or even if you’re not. Do try and let us know how your experience was.






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