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The best part of international travel is the part when you are all excited and eager to set foot on foreign land. But isn’t this a bit marred by all the worry of paperwork? If you too hate paperwork as much as I do, you will definitely be happy to jump it. So, here’s a list, presenting to you exotic foreign locations which welcome Indians with visa on arrival, ensuring significantly less paperwork!

Countries in Asia


1. Thailand

VOA fees: USD 250 (max stay of 30 days)

Pad Thais, massages, beautiful clothes at cheap prices and lazing around by the beach – what else do you need?

2. Nepal

VOA fees: Visa not required at all. Document, like the Passport, proving citizenship is enough.

The Mecca for mountain lovers, Nepal is an excellent idea for all those solo travellers out there, looking for some adrenaline rush and #travel photos.

3. Maldives

VOA fees: free of charge (max stay of 90 days)

Where the blue of the sky merges with the blue of the sea. If you want your days to have gorgeous white sand around and your eyes to feast on the horizon, rush to Maldives.

4. Indonesia

VOA fees: USD 25 (max stay of 30 days)

Indonesia is almost as vivid a country as ours with great people and awesome food. Planning a fun-filled trip with friends? Planning your honeymoon? Bali is the answer to all!

Countries in Africa



1. Mauritius

VOA fees: No charge, provided you have a return ticket and adequate funds to meet the cost of the stay (max stay of 60 days)

Beautiful beaches and water adventures like parasailing, cave sea kayaking, scuba diving, surfing  – gives you the perfect combination of lazy afternoons and adrenaline-filled mornings.

2. Seychelles

VOA fees: No charge, provided you have a return ticket, confirmed accommodation and adequate funds (max stay of 30 days)

While Seychelles is a place that should be on your list for many reasons, I am going to focus on just one. It is the perfect place to pop the question!

3. Madagascar

VOA fees: USD 75 (Max stay of 90 days)

A rustic vacation to just be. I would suggest this country for people who travel to understand different cultures.

4. Kenya

VOA fees: USD 50 (max stay of 90 days)

Feast on one one of the many Nyama Choma (roasted meat) joints, go on safaris and enjoy a tuskar with the locals.

Countries in Ocenia



1. El Salvador

VOA fees: USD 10 (max stay of 90 days)

Must visit attractions – the Mayan ruins and Volcano park! Also, don’t forget to bring back their special coffee for your friends and family.

2. Fiji

VOA fees: free of charge, provided you have a return ticket, confirmed accommodation and adequate funds (max stay of 120 days)

Fiji is a great place to take your family for a vacation. Beaches, hot springs, eco parks and even a sacred Hindu site are a few of the many ‘touristy’ places to visit.

Countries in South America


1. Equador

VOA fees: Visa not required (max stay of 90 days)

Great place to go backpacking around. Explore it’s old, beautiful cities, but with caution.

2. Bolivia

VOA fees: USD 60 ( max stay of 90 days)

If you are all about knowing the bizzare and looking at people different from you and their lives up close, then Bolivia is the place to seek.

Countries in North America


1. British Virgin Islands

VOA fees: Visa not required (max stay of 31 days)

Sun, sand and water. Laze around or go exploring, the British Virgin Islands will be an amazing memory.

2. Jamaica

VOA fees: Visa not required (max stay of 6 months)

Another amazing destination, Jamaica has not just a lively beach scene but also a night scene. The mouth watering good and gorgeous coffee is all the more reason why you should visit this country.

*No European country gives Indian nationals visa on arrival.

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