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For any Indian lady, while a marriage is a thing of meeting, greeting and happy times, it is also a headache. You open the wardrobe and realize that all the dresses have been worn before and the gossip-aunties that are over enthusiastic about everyone’s attire will surely remind you of the last event where you wore them in if you repeat them. Buying another dress surely burns a hole in your pocket. What if you knew to fuse the same attire and wear them again?

Sari is the most elegant and traditional attire of any Indian lady. Admit it, no matter how short our clothes might  get to make us look sexier, the oomph factor that a nine yards give us can’t be matched.  But why does a sari need to be draped all around you and over your shoulder? Time to make a few tweaks in how you handle that pallu.


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First thing is, why is a pallu even necessary to call it a sari? The best thing about this dhoti-styled sari is that you don’t have to keep on pulling that part of your sari every minute. Plus it’s chic and effortlessly easy to wear. Wear the sari as a dhoti and instead of draping the pallu  over your shoulder, wrap it around your waist and tuck in the hem. Usually we do not give much importance to the blouse, but  in this style, the blouse needs and seeks extra attention. So make sure your blouse is not a regular one but something sexier than usual.


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Or maybe you don’t want to break up with your pallu but still want the dhoti style. Then go get it! The Maharastrian style dhoti-sari seems to touch a lot of hearts.

Then there are those of us who can’t get over the princess style gowns and the ballroom scenes of Western weddings. But here we are in an Indian wedding; wearing a legit gown is not even an option. In case you think the look in the picture below is difficult to acquire, you are highly mistaken. Honestly, this is actually the culmination of a pretty blouse, a long skirt/ lehenga and a really long yet elegant dupatta draped around and put over the shoulder as a pallu.


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Or else, your conventional sari can also be adjusted in multiple ways to make it look like a  gown. The girl in this video just opens our eyes to how our simple sari can be adjusted as a floral gown or an off shoulder gown or even a papillion dress. All you need to do is use a bit of creative thinking and some pins.

Turn your saree into a dress. No sewing, no cutting.

Another form of wearing a sari is the pant style sari. This style has come to notice only recently. All you got to do is to find a pair of leggings or pyjamas, preferably skin-tight ones. The next thing is to make pleats in the sari till you have covered half of it, then tuck it to one side of your waist, bring it around to put on the pallu and voila!


Source: Intricatefashionsindia.com

And of course we have the cape-sari look. This has been on the rage for quite sometime and we have spotted some of our Bollywood fashion icons like Deepika Padukon and Sonam Kapoor flaunting it with ease. The conventional pallu is draped around your shoulders. Although it can be a tad bit expensive, this sari style is worth trying.


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