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Assam, the land where vibrancy lives and reigns. Surrounded by seven states and serving as their doorway, this state is home to diverse and breathtaking  flora, fauna, culture and people. From the lush tea gardens of upper Assam to the stunning crafts of bell metal, bronze and brass from lower Assam, from the sweet and salty pithas made in the fireplace to the fury of the mighty Brahmaputra, from myths and tales to the mysteries of the land, Assam is  worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.


The Saraighat bridge. Source: rediff.com

Recently a new glory has been added to the pride of Assam. The land now houses the longest river bridge of India. Affectionately named after the musical maestro of  Assam, Late Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, the Bhupen hazarika Setu or the Dhala-Sadiya bridge runsits course across the mighty Brahmaputra. The bridge spans about 9.15 km and is now a prime connection between Assam and eastern Arunachal Pradesh. Prior to inception of this bridge the distance between the two states was about six hours. Now it has come down to just one hour.

The bridge is strategically one of the biggest economic boon for the state of Assam as well as its neighbours. The bridge is expected to increase industrial investment. Also the  numerous hydro-power projects that are coming up in the state are expected to be getting a boost from it. The bridge is going to make it much easier for the army convoys to reach outposts near China border thus securing whole of India from that side. The border trade between North-East India and the South Asian countries will also increase  which will help in the economic upliftment of the whole region.



The Dhola-Sadiya Bridge. Source: business-standard.com

It has three-lane carriage way that is going to strategically boost the transport of strategic requirements in the borders of Arunachal Pradesh. It is known to withstand about 60 tonnes of weight including war tanks. The tourism is another part which is going to receive an amazing boost due to this bridge. Since there are no airports in Arunachal, people will be able to access the ones in Assam with more ease.

This bridge is a bridge between not just two states but between all the states of the region. It will connect people more than comprehended. This bridge is worth visiting not just because of its awe-inspiring facts but also for the picturesque beauty that you can see once you get up on it.


Source: Google Maps

Another thing that Assam prides about is the fact that it houses one of the longest straight roads of Asia. The NH-315 that runs its course of 18.0 kms is a complete straight road. The paddy fields on both the sides of the roads gives you a sense of serenity and is a sight to behold.

Despite being neglected and even mistreated, the state remains to stand tall with pride. The Dhala-Sadiya Bridge or the longest straight road of Asia are just few of the numerous  things that Assam is proud upon. To know it better, you have to visit this paradise.

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