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Source: Twitter (@AnushkaSharma)

They kept it open yet no one saw it coming so soon. The “Virushka” wedding sent ripples across social media. On 11th December,2017, ardent followers of both Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma came across this picture at around 8 PM. Soon it spread like wildfire and within an hour or so, it became the news of the week. Blessings and good wishes have been flowing in while the couple is walking towards a new life.

(Source: Pinkvilla)

Virat and Anushka’s relationship was the talk of the town, for quite a long time and they were not secretive about it. Whether it was Virat’s flying kiss to his lady love or a simple date outside a restaurant, media kind of followed them everywhere. What amazes me is the fact that the paparazzi couldn’t figure out that this holiday that they were taking to Tuscan, Italy was meant for tying knots. Speculations were going on but no one was a hundred percent sure. That happened everytime the couple was spotted together. Yeah, stay busy spreading rumours while the real thing happens right under your nose! 

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The whole wedding scene was a magical sight to behold. Starting from Anushka’s Sabyasachi-created attire to the mandap setting, the tint of baby pink soothes the eyes and sets some serious marriage goals. The entry of the bride was breathtaking and emotional while the background music was the icing on the cake. Best part – there was no unnecessary media attention anywhere around the wedding place which kept the wedding peaceful. And looking at the pictures that were flowing into social media from families and friends, you might get a diabetic coma from such sweetness and adorability.

(Source: The Times Of India)

The hype about Virushka’s marriage hasn’t subsided yet and don’t even expect it to be. As we get more and more pictures of and before their big day, the scene just gets bigger and better. Recently, we came to know that the invitations which were sent out accompanied one tree sapling each which signified the starting of a new life. How metaphoric and eco-friendly that was! Really appreciable. 

(Source: India Today)

Another interesting thing is that about 48 years ago Sharmila Tagore and Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi ( parents of Saif Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan Khemu) tied the knot in the same month. So technically, it is second time when the Indian cricket team captain has tied the knot with a Bollywood actress.

(Source: Youtube)

Another video that hit the social media was the ring ceremony. Ed Sheeran’s Perfect in the background set the perfect mood for the whole occassion. Anushka and Virat are reportedly celebrating their honeymoon in some unknown snowy destination as per the picture uploaded by Anushka on twitter. Some say it is Finland, others say it is somewhere near Rome. This is another thing they are keeping hush-hush. Now of course there will be certain people who cannot stop trolling. A throng of Game of Thrones jokes have been going around the picture, but do they care? Nope. 

(Source: Indian Express)

Even if the whole wedding is over, rumours don’t leave the couple alone. There came the bluff of another destination wedding that they were planning for, which the spokesperson of both the bride and the groom are vehemently denying. But we do know that the couple is moving in together after coming back to India in an apartment near Worli, Mumbai. 

(Source: IBTimes India)

Hearts broke everywhere, no doubt in that. Virat and Anushka were dreams of many fans. Now all desperate hopes have vanished. Still, no one can deny the fact that Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma look like they were always meant to be. We all wish them a beautiful and amazing journey ahead!

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