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First impression is the last impression. That’s why first dates are important to portray the best in you. It can be very confusing to decide upon your clothing and makeup, and you might end up hyperventilating. First dates set the future for your romantic life. So it is very necessary to not mess them up.

The first rule for a first date is to be comfortable. Yes, it is necessary that the way you dress is the way you impress the individual sitting in front of you. But, more than impressing, it is about giving a peek of who you really are. But be cautious not to show your entire self in one go. Chances are that when you become way too true about yourself, it might turn off the one who has asked you out. Again, to be on the selfish side, it gives you both a chance to meet another time so that you get to know each other better.  Wear clothes that allow you to breathe and eat properly. You wouldn’t want to fidget with your dress the entire date, right? And when you don’t eat well, your mood will surely not be okay enough to talk. Be relaxed, be yourself and allow yourself to communicate better.

Often at times we hear people suggesting to wear shorts or show skin, like a lot of skin! But over skin-show is a big no-no. You don’t want him to get excited on the very first day. And if it is during winters, then there is no question at all. Be poised, elegant but smart when you dress up. Your attitude should be reflected by your clothing. But don’t portray yourself as someone you think will tempt him more. You might think wearing a pair of high heels will make you look sexier than a pair of flats. But if you know how to combine them with the uppers, you can flaunt yourself in your flats too.

What about formals in first date? Well, it is more suitable if your date is in the evening. If it is during the daylight time, keep it casual. Wearing formals also depends on the place you are going for the date. Typically in India, first date locations can vary from the gol-gappa vendor to a seven-star restaurant. So find out where you are going and dress accordingly.

When it comes to jewellery, it is essential that you don’t overdo anything. It is not a marriage ceremony. If the date is during daytime, wear jewellery that make you look chic and happy. Studs with a simple neckpiece or a pair of long earrings with no neckpiece will do just fine. If the date is in some high-end restaurant, then your jewellery should make a statement without being too loud.

So all said and done, we have a few suggestions that you can try out to kill on your first day:


(Source: Quora)

It is simple, chic and cute. This floral skater dress portrays you as an easy-going happy soul. With minimal jewellery and light make-up, it is definitely going to make some good impression as an approachable person.


(Source: ForeignGirlfriend)

This outfit throws the matured-vibes, yet doesn’t go down on the chic factor. Look how the simple flats and sling-bag are being flaunted effortlessly. Whatever you do, never make it obvious that you had to go through a lot of hardwork to fit the look.


(Source: www.theeverygirl.com)


Yellow is a happy colour. Anything in yellow tends to accentuate the happy-factor in you. No matter what skin tone you have, this a-line dress is bound to leave a cheerful mark for you. For dark toned people, one big suggestion is to choose light shades.


(Source: Pinterest)


To talk about formals, this is one of the classiest looks that makes you stand apart from the crowd. It is a statement in itself, reflecting class and your signature attitude. Here’s the catch: men are attracted to women who are ambitious and confident. This look has confidence speaking through each inch of it.



Source : Splash News

Honestly speaking, there is no ground rule that your street-style cannot be your date-style. Here we have Olivia Palermo in her ripped jeans, sneakers and a white off-shoulder top. And we cannot stop going gaga over this simple yet cute look.


(Source: Pinterest)

Dates during winters can be a real headache. Every favourite top or tee gets hidden under the covers. But if you decide upon, you can actually figure out how to stay warm and sassy at the same time. Here is a little black dress that has been layered by a cropped sweater. Along with it the black stockings are serving two purposes: keeping warm and following the no over skin-show policy.

So there you go with certain advice and suggestions to make a statement on your first date. To sum up, just be confident, comfortable and most importantly, be yourself. Do not be an imposter yet don’t be way too true about yourself.

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