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Power Outage At Sydney's T2 Domestic Terminal Causes Delays And Cancellations For Local Airlines

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It’s the holiday season and all travelling ports are packed with people from all walks of life. The hustle and bustle, the noise of anticipation, the rush- it is kind of enthralling. And here you are, trying to pull your over-the-top heavy luggage. What’s worse, is your fellow passengers can figure out quite easily what kind of clothes you wear or the colours you usually prefer. Embarrassing, isn’t it? Well, you sought help and here we are.



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Ask any individual who travels a lot and you will realise that packing is an art. It is a test of patience, a test of your spatial skills and some amount of sacrifice (you can’t really pack the whole house). The first step to successful packing is making a list of what you actually need while travelling. Initially you might feel like you can’t survive if you leave even one item from your belongings. That is when you need to weigh the pros and cons of taking each item. For instance, suppose you are going out-of-station to attend a marriage that will span for only two days. Will it be sensible to pack five pairs of outfits? Or maybe you are going for an adventure trip. Then, what’s the point of taking your office suit?


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The next step is cleaning. It is very essential that the clothes that you pack are not stinking, especially your undies. Wash and/or iron the clothes before stuffing them in your bag. It will save you from both getting a musty punch on your face when you unpack and from getting a fungal attack. Plus, clean clothes are actually easy to pack. Moreover, it saves the extra hassle of cleaning them once you reach your destination.

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One of the tricks that most smart travelers use to reduce the number of bags required is rolling their clothes instead of folding. Folding clothes leads to development of crease on your clothes. when you roll them, you not only prevent creases but also increase the space available in the bag to accommodate more things. Squeeze out the air that stays in the bag in order to avoid creases more effectively.

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Zip-lock bags are bae. Whether you have to pack eatables or your make up, your medicines to headphones and chargers, these bags just make everything compact to handle and pack. Plus it makes the bag look organised and saves the other items within the bags from being damaged.

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People who love books find it very hard to part from them when they travel. Kindle and e-books were solely made for those people who cannot part with books no matter where they go or stay. But then, no one can beat the smell of books and sometimes the physical structure of the book and its pages increases the urge to read them. For people like them, best option is to find space in the nooks and corners of the bag. Avoid using the base of the bag to pack books as it doesn’t leave space for the other essential items. Utilize the space in the sides of the bag. One tip: take only those books which you think you will be able to read and complete during the stretch of that vacation.


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The weight of your bag is also very essential when it comes to packing. It is possible that the bag that you carry might have an extra two-kilogram weight that can hit hard on your pockets when you check in your baggage. How can we forget the extra effort you need to put to drag the bags? And when you can’t pull them any further, you call for help to the coolie/porter. Another hole in your pocket. Tsk.


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To master the art of packing, you need practice. But if you are not a frequent traveler, you can still learn to be good at packing. Simply learn to keep your things organised at home. These habits actually helps a lot to find little tricks in packing . Holidays and travelling are meant to be hassle-free. Make it free of tension and the first step is to is to pack your needs smartly. Happy hols!




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