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At the end of a tiring day, when you embrace your bed with open arms and legs (quite literally) it feels as if there’s no higher level of satisfaction than this. Sleeping is arguably the highest form of comfort in an individual’s daily life. A healthy and deep sleep rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. But, at time, especially due to lifestyle changes, the sleep cycle that we maintain normally is disturbed. This affects our health – both mental and physical. When this happens for a continuous period or at regular intervals, it leads to diseases like Insomnia, Stress, Depression, etc.

A healthy amount of sleep is extremely necessary for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Normally we would think that we sleep only because we feel tired and it helps us regain our energy. Yes, it is true that it helps us feel energized again but, sleep keeps a lot of things under control.

Mindlessness: You might be having a nice conversation with an individual or a group of them, but the next moment you forget what you were talking about. Or, let’s suppose, you are in the same conversation. Some other individual is saying something and you are on the hearing side. You are hearing what that individual is saying but not being able to process it. That is mindlessness. It can be caused due to lack of sleep also as well as for many other reasons. But the cure for it is one. Easy, affordable and effective. SLEEP!

Watch those kilos! If you think that your waistline is increasing day by day even if you’re having a lot of food and junk, then do examine your resting patterns. People also have this wrong notion that sleeping makes you fat. It’s a big NO-NO. Sleeping never makes you fat. If you have proper sleep it only helps conserve your calories. Studies have shown that people with proper sleep consume around 300 calories lesser. Secondly, a healthy sleep helps you boost and maintain your metabolism. This increases your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) i.e. your rate of absorption of nutrients. This leads to more use of calories and decreases the amount of glucose getting stored as fat.

Headache? This is something almost all of us have experienced. At home if you tell your mom that about an aching head, the instant advice she would give you is ‘take some rest”. And, guess what? She’s right. A good sleep is the most effective solution to a headache which has been caused due to stress, continuous working, sinus or migraine.

Also, very few people know that Sleep helps regulate High Blood Pressure levels as well. Whilst we are sleeping, our heart rate slows down as we do not perform any activity during that period. That helps to regulate the blood pressure levels in our body.

Apart from the above mentioned ones, sleeping healthy has many benefits which most of us are unaware of. For students, sleeping is extremely important because it’s deficiency can cause inability to concentrate and remember. Not sleeping after memorizing something can easily erase it from the mind.  On the other hand even if you take a power nap after a long study session it will help you memorize and remember whatever you have studied.

Also a healthy sleep is extremely crucial for maintaining a healthy sex life. And we all know that a healthy sex life is important for maintaining relationships as well as our personal needs.

Thus, we can conclude with a unified thought that no matter how busy or stressed we are, SLEEP is something we should never compromise on!

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