Best Places In India For Solo Women Travellers

Does the title itself make you skeptic about the content? Well, don’t worry, India is not truly the red, bloodied country as portrayed in most newspapers through innumerable crime stories. Though there are a few really scary places, once you read the list, you will know how those places are few in number.  Here, we skip those creepy, crowded places and instead delve into scenes where people will welcome you with hearty hugs.




Nestled between hills, this town is a mystery on its own. Tucked away from the traffic of the world, the tranquility of this place is sure to draw you in. People here are extremely courteous and accepting. Though the way to Gangtok might be a little rough, once you are there, there is no hassle. The best part is, you can go for treks in the Himalayas from here and view the third highest peak in the world, Mt Kanchenjunga. You can visit one of the many Buddhist monasteries and feel closer to your faith. You can also spend a day lazing around those serene hill trails and enjoy a bowl of thukpa.




According to a report prepared by Plan India and released by the women and child development ministry, the safest state to be a woman in India is Goa. Hence, it’s no brainier that Goa should definitely be on the list of every solo female traveller. You have of course heard about the beach, the parties, the nightlife. But what’s equally amazing is Goa’s traditional culture, their cuisine, their drinks. Dirt-cheap hotels and hostels, easy access to rental bikes and friendly locals, they will all make Goa very easy for you.


2017-11-15 06.30.33 1.jpg

Known as the Scotland of India, Shillong is Meghalaya’s capital. This small town, though is a beauty in itself, also acts as a connection to must-visit places like Cherrapunjee, Mawlynnong, Dawki and the Umiam lake. Food in these parts of the country is top notch too. If you are lucky enough, you might even catch the cherry blossom festival or the NH7 Weekender that happens near Shillong. Though most parts of the town are extremely safe, you are advised not to venture out in the isolated places after dark.




A popular beach destination, Pondicherry also hosts the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. A perfect place to connect with your lost self, Pondicherry has beautiful hotels and resorts to offer at a wide price range. So, if you are a romantic walks through the French colonial architecture kinda person, and boat rides in the Paradise beach or lazing around on the Rock beach appeal to you, Pondicherry is the right place to take your self to.




You must have heard what they say about Varanasi not being a place but an experience. The vibrant palate of colours that Varanasi presents to you is surely going to charm you into extending your stay and exploring every nook and corner of the town. Varanasi gets a lot of tourists, hence the Government takes security very seriously. Although you are going to meet all kinds of people here, keep an open mind and you are sure to carry memories you will forever cherish.




This UNESCO World Heritage site is famous for its temples, forts and archaeological ruins. If history is your thing, then Hampi is tailor-cut for you. What’s more amazing is that, since its located near Bangaluru, you can take a bus or a car to Hampi from there.


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