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Remember the time when you had no control over what you wore. Ah, the golden time when our parents thought they knew what was best for us. Despite our desperate protests, we were forced to wear what our folks thought was good for us and gave us the best protection from the wrath of weather.  As our count of revolutions round the sun increase, the influence of our parents over our appearance keeps decreasing.

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But, what has come to notice recently, is the fact that children from a very young age have become quite independent in terms of fashion. Often parents have to listen to how their children want to look. Their choices are not less sophisticated than elders and often it is hard to make them settle for something other than what they want.


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What has brought this change from silent acceptance to vocal denial of parental supervision over clothing and fashion? Media can be considered as the prime catalyst. Whatever a kid sees in movies or ads seem to have quite a major influence on what he or she likes. Then of course there are parents who now care about not only how the clothes would give the best comfort and protection to their children, but also how their appearance makes them stand out from the rest of the kids.

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As for the choice of clothes, gone are the days of frilly pink dresses or the quartered-dungarees which ought to be colourful or checkered. Children are making statements today. Yes, the princess dresses are still popular and so are the tiny tuxedos. But fashion today has gone much beyond that. Now we have categories of clothes for kids. Boho, country, hipster, summer, winter, day, night and what not! No longer do you see toddlers trotting about with half-pants and Mickey Mouse t-shirts on the streets (that’s what the elders do, period.) Fashion for children means class, style and trend-setters. Earlier there were either flats or shoes for the kids section in footwear stores. Today you go to any footwear store and would find huge variety of heels, formal shoes, pump shoes, sneakers reigning the section.


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Fashion is not confined to merely what we wear. Hairstyles also form a part of it. When we were kids, children didn’t have much choices in terms of hairstyle apart from a bit of trimming here and there and girls wore pony tails or pig tails. We have come to an age when mothers dictate stylists to ensure their children look amazing in the chosen hairstyles. The twists and turns of the tresses in kids these days amaze us.

Inculcating a sense of independence whether in fashion or other does have its perks. First of all, they can decide upon what is good for them and this boosts their level of confidence. Secondly, if you make them used to budget shopping, then chances are high that they will learn to stick to their budgets  when they go out to shop in future.


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But then aren’t we indulging them to focus more on how they look ? Can over indulgence in such case bear anything fruitful? No doubt it is important to stay up-to-date with time. But is this habit going to cost the happiness of a real childhood? A real childhood, where no matter how you look or what you wear, you just play around and be merry all the time and not worry about how to pose for Instagram. Isn’t it an influence to be more inclined towards the materialistic world? Choice is yours.





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