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Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has always been in the news – for both lawful and unlawful reasons. However, this time, things have escalated so much so that death threats are being made. Leader of one of the top crime gang of Punjab (who is now said to be expanding his gang to Rajasthan), gangster Lawrence Vishnoi issued threats to Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, claiming that he would take the actor’s life.


Lawrence Vishnoi being taken to court (source)

According to media reports, Lawrence Vishnoi has about twenty cases of murder, extortion, and carjacking against him. Vishnoi is also a prime accused in a case regarding firing and murdering of a Jodhpur based businessman. Recently, while Vishnoi was being brought to the court after his hearing in the murder case, he said to the reporters, “I will murder him (Salman Khan) in Jodhpur only. I will flee from police custody whenever I want but I am not escaping from custody anytime soon.” Though Vishnoi has not particularly explained the reason behind his supercilious statement, it is thought to be because of Khan’s linkup with the blackbuck hunting case. The Vishnoi community of Rajasthan worships nature and hence, animals. For them, Khan is an blasphemous antagonist. A few days back, the actor appeared in the Jodhpur’s Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) Rural Court in connection with the hearing of the black buck poaching case.

As a result of the gangstar’s comments, the Jodhpur police have taken their pistols and are making sure that the gangstar is not able to give action to his words. “Whatever the gangster said in the court, his statement has been taken on record by the police. Appropriate case will be registered under relevant sections,” said Ashok Rathore, Commissioner – Jodhpur Police. As of now, Lawrence is under police interrogation for the murder case, till Friday. It is expected that he will be cross examined in presence of other accused in the matter as well.

The actor has received many death threats in the past as well, because of his tendency to rub people the wrong way (that is putting it lightly). Though this is the first time someone has so openly threatened Khan. Back in February 2017, the actor’s defence counsel had alleged that he had received a death threat from an international gangstar for enabling Khan to get acquitted in the Arms Act Case. H M Saraswat, the defence counsel, claimed that the gangstar, who he didn’t name, was not too happy with the verdict. Saraswat even claimed that the gangstar had called up Khan and demanded ‘protection money’, which the actor had denied.


However, many experts feel like the death threat was made just to create a sensation, since it had to reason backing it. As someone who strongly criticises Khan’s choice of films, habits and statements made, I want justice to be served and for him to not scot-free owing to his power and money. However, another diminutive mortal like Vishnoi too shouldn’t be allowed to make such statements and get away with it.

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